Scientists confirm it was a juvenile great white, cause of death unknown
Tycho Burwell

Bud Lite no more. East Hampton Town has banned beer and other alcoholic beverages at Indian Wells Beach in Amagansett on Saturdays, Sundays, and federal holidays. Durell Godfrey

Yi-Chun Wu
Yi-Chun Wu

Mr. Barons pointed out that a newspaper on display cost "2 cents in the city limits and 3 cents elsewhere." Bella Lewis

Millions for ‘reinforcements’ but no specifics

Justice Court turnout follows a bad crash and a charge of D.W.I.
Members of East End motorcycle clubs gathered at East Hampton Town Justice Court last Thursday to support one of their own, who was injured by a drunken driver, police say. T.E. McMorrow

At former East Deck, amenities could include restaurant, spa, below-grade parking
The East Deck Motel, long a visual cornerstone of Ditch Plain, is about to be converted into a private membership beach club, according to plans submitted to the East Hampton Town Planning Board. T.E. McMorrow

After five adjournments, decision nears on Schultzes’ caretaker’s cottage