These widespread primitive organisms are more properly called cyanobacteria
The blue-green organisms that cause the slicks on the local coastal ponds like Lake Agawam, Mill Pond, and Georgica Pond, to name a few of the worst blighted, are among the oldest organisms known to man.

O’Donnell re-elected; Corish bests Gardella
H. Aidan Corish will take a seat on the Sag Harbor Village Board next month after edging out Thomas Gardella by just five votes in Tuesday’s election. Taylor K. Vecsey

Durell Godfrey photos
Adam and Gail Baranello worked with Springs School students to decorate the school's Dumpsters.
Geoff Lynch, the president of the Hampton Jitney, seen with Joan Overlook of Goodcircle, will donate buses and drivers to get I-Tri athletes to their swim practices. Judy D’Mello

Arthur Graham, who is known as Tiger, won a seat on the East Hampton Village Board during Tuesday's election. Durell Godfrey

Dr. Brandon Rogers died in a car accident in Maryland on June 11. GoFundMe

Ronald Perelman had asked East Hampton Village to upzone the Creeks, his nearly 60-acre estate at East Hampton Village’s western edge. Hampton Pix

Richard Barons will speak about when four saboteurs came ashore on the beach at Atlantic Avenue during an event at the Amagansett Life-Saving and Coast Guard Station on Friday. Chris Walsh