Opponents say town board rushed the process

Retired city fire chief spotted what appeared to be a person, called 911
A birdwatcher on shore spotted a figure in distress off Montauk Point on Saturday. Clinton A. Seyler, a commercial lobsterman, was rescued by the Coast Guard after Larry and Carol Blieka alerted the authorities. Carol Blieka
Clinton A. Seyler appeared to be paddling a life ring toward shore when he was spotted by Larry Blieka off Montauk Point.Carol Blieka
A United States Coast Guard crew was conducting a training run when word came of a person in the water. They were able to reach Clinton A. Seyler quickly, taking him aboard and likely saving his life.Carol Blieka

Oceanfront area is now in the most hazardous flood zone

The current must-have for many Hamptons real estate customers is a new house.
Newly built houses like this one on Old Orchard Lane in East Hampton are what many buyers seem to want these days. Morgan McGivern

The board voted unanimously at its meeting on Monday night to reinstate a site-based planning committee

“The way the code is written, it’s a violation, so you have to be seen to be caught,”
Napeague Harbor shoreline David E. Rattray

The trustees plan a swearing-in ceremony at their first meeting of 2014, on Jan. 14.

Only about 51 percent of the 3,000 East Hampton property owners eligible for the exemption have responded to a letter sent out by the state in October

Online petition garners 1,880 signatures

Respected in life, deserves same in death