Walkable, workable, safer from sea level rise
Consultants working on hamlet plans for East Hampton Town envision a downtown Montauk in which businesses have relocated landward from breach areas and filled in gaps in present development, while beaches and dunes are rebuilt. Dodson and Flinker, L.K. McLean Associates, RKG Associates, Fine Arts and Sciences

Businesses want special village zoning district; mayor says it’s a ‘dead issue’
Jenny Baker, the owner of the Maidstone Hotel, told the East Hampton Village Board that her business was struggling and needed zoning permission to add amenities such as a gym and a spa to become more financially viable. Jamie Bufalino
The Maidstone Inn in East Hampton Village during a recent snowfallDurell Godfrey

Eamon Spencer, left, with Representative Lee Zeldin.

Social media pressure, academic stress, depression, and drug use are on the rise

Last year there were reports of both ospreys and bald eagles flying or roosting in the vicinity of Kellis Pond
Bald eagles were spotted mating on Kellis Pond in Bridgehampton recently. Greg Boeklen

Bryan Siranaula was led into East Hampton Town Justice Court, where a judge set bail at $205,000. T.E. McMorrow

Randall Crater alleged to have peddled phony virtual money
Using an East Hampton U.P.S. Store mailbox as an address, Randall Crater and an alleged accomplice defrauded investors by selling shares in a phony virtual-money company, the Commodity Futures Commission said. Below: Mr. Crater in a phtograph from his blog. David E. Rattray

In new palliative care initiative, a nurse’s sole job is caring for homebound
“Seeing someone in their home allows you access to critical firsthand information that you just can’t get in an office,” said Diane Schade, a palliative care nurse-practitioner with East Hampton Family Medicine who sees Medicare patients at home. Chelsea Audibert