One man fights to save his blufftop house, others fear precedent and loss of public beach access
John Ryan is facing heavy opposition to his proposal to install an oceanfront stone revetment to protect his house on Surfside Avenue in Montauk. T.E. McMorrow

Diana Walker of Amagansett continued a campaign to persuade the trustees to install video equipment at the Lamb Building in Amagansett

It is more likely than ever that the case will go to a full trial

A 66-year-old man, whose name was not released, called 911 on the morning of July 9 complaining of chest pain, nausea, and profuse perspiration
Nick Calace, third from right, a paid paramedic with the Amagansett Fire Department ambulance company, has been recognized for the care he gave a patient having a heart attack on July 9. He posed for a photograph with the fire district commissioners, from left, Jack Emptage, J. Kent Howie, William Vorpahl Jr., Daniel R. Shields II, and Carl Hamilton.

Tamara Braverman and Richard Meier tried out some seating. Durell Godfrey
Joan McGivern, center, was on this year's designer's committee.Morgan McGivern
Martha Stewart had her summer whites on for the party.Durell Godfrey
The late evening light cast a glow and long shadows on the shoppers and revelers.Morgan McGivern
Jack Lasershon and Tiger Graham kept it short with their Hamptons men's evening uniform at the party.Durell Godfrey
Richard Louie and Tom Crane were the perfect accent for the blue-and-white ceramics behind them.Durell Godfrey
Celerie Kemble found a few treasures of her own at the show.Durell Godfrey
Patti McGrath, Linda Pennfield, and Jack McGrath Durell Godfrey
Gil Meister, Lynn Wright, Dorrian Fuhrman, and Doris MeisterDurell Godfrey
Stacey Stowe and William Raynor met up at the bar.Morgan McGivern

Originally published March 20, 2003
The three men who helped save Dexter Grady’s life were, from left, Claude Beudert, a teacher, Charlie Bateman, a coach, who is seen holding the defibrillator, and Dr. Alan Katz, an East Hampton dentist.
Quincy Davis celebrating her win at the Corona Extra Pro Surf Circuit contest in Rincon, Puerto Rico, in March. Credit: Corona Extra PR

Michele Montak, the founder of Gimme Shelter, with her rescue dogs Otis, Lulu, Breaker, and Donni Courtesy of Michele Montak

Bunny is just one of the mutt's available for adoption at the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons. Sole Riley
Casey is also looking for a home.Sole Riley
Chico, another mutt available for adoption at ARFSole Riley
WigglesSole Riley

A wounded warrior cycles over the Marine Lance Cpl. Jordan C. Haerter Bridge in Sag Harbor during Soldier Ride the Hamptons on Saturday. Morgan McGivern
Laura Carlisle and Luke DeLahunty of the Royal Air Force participated in Soldier Ride the Hamptons.Morgan McGivern
Bicyclists traveled under a flag when they arrived in Sag Harbor Village.Morgan McGivern
JoAnn Lyles, the mother of Marine Lance Cpl. Jordan C. Haerter, who was killed in Iraq in 2008, with Benjamin Tupaj, who addressed the crowd in Sag Harbor.Morgan McGivern
Morgan McGivern
Michael and Elizabeth Debusschewitz from Germany cheered on the bicyclists as they arrived in Sag Harbor.Morgan McGivern
Firefighters hung a flag for bicyclists to ride under in East Hampton, as well.Durell Godfrey
A firefighter and cyclist exchanged waves. Durell Godfrey
Serving up clams at a picnic in Amagansett after the ride was complete were, from left, Ryan Schmitter, Scott Daniels, and Jim Bennett.Bella Lewis
From left, Alden Powers and her mother, Carla Josephson, stood with their friends Jennifer DiSunno and her mom, Susan DiSunno at the picnic in Amagansett after Soldier Ride was complete.Bella Lewis