Craig Tuthill, a 60-year member of the Montauk Fire Department, will serve as the grand marshal for the department's 75th anniversary parade on Nov. 29. Montauk Fire Department

Health care providers, police ‘taking it seriously’
A sign on the door of East Hampton Urgent Care alerted patients to report certain symptoms immediately. Morgan McGivern
Morgan McGivern

Montauk systems at Ditch, docks, downtown may cost $44.3 million

A portable lavatory in the parking lot behind Amagansett’s commercial district will be obsolete after the expected completion of a public restroom next year. Christopher Walsh

East Hampton firefighters battled heavy smoke conditions at a house on Morris Park Lane in East Hampton on Thursday morning. Michael Heller/East Hampton Fire Department
Michael Heller/East Hampton Fire Department
Michael Heller/East Hampton Fire Department

From left, Henry L. Murray, the foundation chairman, Joe Kazickas, whose family’s foundation has helped fund the townwide A.E.D. distribution program, Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell, Sheila Rogers, the director of the healthcare foundation, Ann Grabowski and Paul Mangano, representatives of the East Hampton Village Ambulance Association, and Ed Michels, the town police training coordinator. Morgan McGivern

Tim Bishop's office

Tom Preiato, East Hampton Town's chief building inspector, in his office this month. T.E. McMorrow

Rowdy Hall staff in the spirit at Rowdyween, Rowdy Hall's annual Halloween bash. Wordhampton
Durell Godfrey

Representative Tim Bishop, left, and Lee Zeldin before a debate in Westhampton Beach on Thursday David E. Rattray