Highway departments plan their strategies in face of continued heavy snows
The road crews sanding, salting, and plowing in East Hampton Town and Village are bearing up under a very busy winter so far. Morgan McGivern

Neighbors decry taller poles and powerful lines
Christopher Walsh

Full-day programs for tots among the attractions drawing families to hamlet

“Now in your high-end market [a home theater] is almost a given”
A cozy home theater at Rose Hill Point, a property in Water Mill listed by Gary DePersia of Corcoran for $32.95 million Amanda Switzer

Students in New York State must by law attend school for 180 days per year
Durell Godfrey

Five groups will clean the ocean shoreline
Durell Godfrey

The town’s budget and finance advisory committee will be asked to conduct a financial analysis of the airport, focusing on operating expenses

Banner 2013 sales boosted preservation fund