Ice carving, fireworks, and a frigid water plunge

F.A.A.’s okay will be more likely if problems are well defined and targeted

A six-month pilot project in the territory of Nunavut
Basketball will have to wait, though Mark Crandall, at left, and Hoops 4 Hope’s volunteer Canadian director, Rick Gill, at right, are using indoor soccer as the means by which to reach Inuit children with their life skills curriculum in the arctic region.

Village’s Galeano and town’s Giles are lauded for work on sex abuse cases
East Hampton Village Police Officer Mario Galeano, above, was honored by the Kiwanis on Friday, along with East Hampton Town Detective Tina Giles and David Driscoll of Sag Harbor. T.E. McMorrow

Soriano returns to middle school after medical leave

Man charged with assault on a police officer

Highway supe hopes repaving can outpace deterioration in 2013
East Hampton Town Highway Superintendent Steve Lynch

Peter Joyce of the Montauk Fire Department asked the Montauk School Board on Tuesday about what it would take to make the school building a hurricane shelter. Janis Hewitt

Mike Russell, a gifted athlete with a prior criminal record, was arrested early Sunday morning by Worcester, Mass., police. He is shown here at point guard for the Bonackers during the 2007-08 season. Abbey Faulhaber