The Montauk School was well represented in the Long Island Science Congress this year. Pictured from left to right are Todd Brunn, a Montauk School sixth-grade teacher who served as a judge in the contest, Lea Mancini, Lucia Ibrahim, Iza Sessler, Sophia Botero, Samantha Prince, and Kendall Stedman, Joe Malave, the Montauk School science teacher, and Nolan King and Thomas Desmond.

Pierson High School Christine Sampson

Ticketed after pedaling into a Mercedez-Benz
An accident involving a car and a bicyclist happened at Main Street and Fithian Lane in East Hampton Village on Friday. The black Mercedes-Benz pictured was not the one involved in the incident. Christine Sampson

The school's assistant dean has two decades' experience as a naturalist
Greg Drossel and two maintenance crew members at the Ross School rescued a great horned owl on Thursday morning after it got caught in a soccer net on the athletic field. Liss Larsen

The Dunes operates in residential Northwest Woods
Morgan McGivern

Firefighters sprayed water from hoses stretched on the ground and also from ladder trucks to commission the Bridgehampton Fire Department's two new trucks. Durell Godfrey
East Hampton and Montauk's ladder trucks showered the trucks from above.Durell Godfrey
The tanker truck got a wet-down.Durell Godfrey
The new tanker truck was dedicated to Cliff Foster, who attended Saturday's event with his wife, Lee. Durell Godfrey
Samantha Dombkowski, a firefighter, rode in one of the department's antique vehicles.Durell Godfrey
The Rev. Michael Jackson of the Bridgehampton Baptist Church gave a blessing.Durell Godfrey
Isaac Lopez, a firefighter from East Hampton, brought his family, including his wife, Yaniris, and his children Kelvin and Yanisaac, to Bridgehampton for the event. Taylor K. Vecsey
Members of the fire police company posed in front of their new truck.Taylor K. Vecsey
Joey Hernandez drove the tanker truck through the water; Andrew Doran sat on the stairs for a breather.Durell Godfrey
Jocelin Kalish christened the Bridgehampton Fire Department's new fire police truck, which was dedicated to her father, Danny, who died in July, and her grandfather Constant, who died on May 9.

High Sag turnout spells win for budget, building buy
Christine Sampson

After-school sessions with Inda Eaton open kids' ears to magic of composing
With Inda Eaton at the guitar, kids worked on lyrics during an Ideas to Inspire songwriting session led by Ms. Eaton at the Project Most after-school program. Doug Kuntz
Kids lined up to sing their parts in a song composed and recorded during an Ideas to Inspire songwriting session led by Inda Eaton at the Springs and East Hampton Project Most after-school programs recently. Doug Kuntz
In Springs, where there is a school drumming circle, the kids and musicians pulled out the conga drums.Joanne Pilgrim
Students brainstormed song ideas with Inda Eaton.Doug Kuntz
Ms. Eaton at the guitarDoug Kuntz
B. Rehm-Gerdes, a member of Ms. Eaton's band, addressed the musical elements of songwriting,Joanne Pilgrim

Access points irk as Army Corps exits downtown
Stairways that have replaced sand paths to the downtown Montauk beach could cause difficulty not only to the disabled but to beachgoers laden with gear or carrying children, a Montauk hotel owner has said. Joanne Pilgrim
Sand was washed off concrete pavers laid by the Army Corps of Engineers at the foot of South Edison Street in Montauk during recent rains; town officials are asking for them to be replaced with surfacing that is safer to traverse. Thomas Bradley Muse