Deer management plan gets mixed reviews

Sandy volunteers UpIsland find ‘war zone’ of mold, wreckage, and red tape
With no help from FEMA, Donna Stack started a Web page to raise money to help her blind, elderly mother, Gloria Wynne, rebuild her house in Lindenhurst. Donna Stack

Citizens groups would conduct planning studies called for in comp plan

Reports of the prowler began coming into East Hampton Town police headquarters in early October

A plan to designate 24 houses and a windmill as timber-frame landmarks

Committee will seek to reconcile opposing views
The East Hampton Town Board voted Tuesday to create a new coastal erosion committee. Carrie Ann Salvi

Thiele senses change afoot in Assembly
A committee named by the East Hampton Town Board will consider whether waterfront buildings, like this one on the ocean in Montauk that was threatened by Hurricane Sandy, should be protected. Morgan McGivern

Building inspector reverses ruling on Crystal Room

A battle with many fronts — few volunteers, long drives, not enough time
Some South Fork ambulance companies have struggled to maintain necessary numbers of volunteers to properly respond to ever-increasing demands for their services. Carrie Ann Salvi

Telltale tire tracks led to a speedy arrest