Teachers from the Montauk School wore black T-shirts to a school board meeting Tuesday to call attention to the fact that they’ve been working without a contract since July. Janis Hewitt

Adam Fine, the principal of East Hampton High School, was named administrator of the year by the Council of Administrators and Supervisors. Christine Sampson

“Those early years were great fun. The staff, the mix of locals and summer visitors built strong friendships, not to mention lots of memories that last until today."
Dave and Maureen Rutkowski, with their children, Alexandra and John, former owners of John’s Drive-In in Montauk, are the owners once again. Amayha Yannacone

There was enough snow to read the tracks, and those of turkeys, rabbits, squirrels, and the occasional fox stood out clearly
Deer, above, and other hooved animals run on their fore toes. Raccoons, below, have plantigrade feet, which meet the ground with both heal and forefoot simultaneously. Durell Godfrey Photos

Little did Ruth Appelhof know when she stood with the Guild Hall lifetime achievement award winners that she would soon be one of them. Jennifer Landes
Eric Fischl, far left, with Ms. Appelhof, far right, and the first group of Guild Hall artists in residence. From the left, Tom Yuill, Arcmanoro Niles, Iris Smyles, Jennifer Hsu, and James WangJennifer Landes
Sarah Jessica ParkerJennifer Landes

Durell Godfrey
Durell Godfrey
Durell Godfrey
Charline Spektor, who purchased BookHampton in 2000, sold the business to Carolyn Brody, a civic leader who was one of her customers. Carissa Katz