Water quality program tests free septic systems at 39 county properties

David Geffen’s ‘very complicated’ project would impact an ocean dune
David Geffen seeks multiple variances for a $1.9 million renovation at 199 Lily Pond Lane, which he purchased this year for $70 million. David E. Rattray

Petition to make Boy Scouts coed has 5,200 signatures
Sydney Ireland, right, is on a campaign to get the Boy Scouts of America to let her participate in its programs. She hopes to become an Eagle Scout like her brother, Bryan, left. Gary Ireland

Katy Graves, the Sag Harbor School District superintendent, pictured here during a school event in March, received a one-year contract extension on Monday. Christine Sampson

Mr. Plum was arrested and taken to police headquarters in Wainscott, where a breath test reportedly produced a reading of .11 of 1 percent, over the .08 number that defines intoxication. T.E. McMorrow
Victims of a boating accident on Sunday were brought to a waiting Springs Fire Department ambulance at the commercial dock on Gann Road after the boat ran aground near the Cedar Point Lighthouse. Gordon M. Grant

Detailed maps of the trails that run throughout East Hampton Town are available to the public through the town clerk’s office. Joanne Pilgrim

Victim was attacked with a gun in Montauk
Jarryd J. Cox of Mastic is being held without bail in county jail after allegedly attacking a man with a loaded gun in Montauk. T.E. McMorrow

Eyes see what they want to see when falsie fever spreads around the East End
A false albacore aboard Capt. Brendan McCarthy's fly-fishing charter boat in a photo taken during a previous season. Reports of falsies in local waters this year are premature, The Star's fishing columnist says. Brendan McCarthy |

Married for over 50 years, John Mullen says his wife, Anne, was the prettiest chicken at the Springs Agricultural Fair. Durell Godfrey Photos
Who’s the fairest chicken of them all?Durell Godfrey
Peaches the donkey met some of her fans.Durell Godfrey
After judges sampled the pies and other baked goods, the crowd went to work, leaving nary a crumb. Durell Godfrey
Careful! The egg toss drew a lot of contestants.Durell Godfrey
On your mark, get set, go!Durell Godfrey
Athena Ascher-Walsh pointed to her second-place cookie. She also won third in the muffin contest.Durell Godfrey
Xander Goodman, Dalia Ascher-Walsh, Athena Ascher-Walsh, Henry Goodman, and Caroline van Hoy enjoyed the fair’s offerings. Dalia and Athena placed in the best cookie and best muffin contests. Xander and Henry were second in the best cake contest.Durell Godfrey