I can’t count all of the fishing rods and reels I have in my possession after basically over half a century of collecting
Is there a support group for people who can’t stop collecting fishing gear? Jon M. Diat

The annual turning over the earth
When The Star’s nature columnist was growing up in Southold in the 1940s, tractors in the fields, like these at Wesnofske Farms in Bridgehampton, meant it was time to start working on the home garden. Carissa Katz

Many forms of life are able to adjust their body temperatures to the ambient temperature

Black sea bass are at a record height of population density
John Brosnan held a fluke caught in more pleasant weather aboard Breakaway, a charter boat out of Montauk. As of last month, all party and charter boats are now required to file electronic catch reports on certain fish, including fluke. Jon M. Diat

Not too long ago the raven was considered to be threatened in New York State, but just like the osprey it has come back strong
Ravens, like this one photographed at Havens Beach in Sag Harbor, were once considered threatened in New York State but have come back strong. Terry Sullivan

Certain things need to be done, including preparing my boat for the season
A boat on Noyac Bay took advantage of the last day of the local scallop season on Saturday. Jon M. Diat

Very few terrestrial top carnivores — tigers, jaguars, grizzly bears, leopards, crocodiles, bald eagles, Komodo dragons, and the like — hunt in packs
Harbor seals basked on an ocean beach last week. In the oceans, seals are both predator and prey. Diane Hewett

A 50-pound gray seal that had become entangled in a piece of gill netting was rescued on Saturday, a little after noon, on the shore between Georgica and Main Beaches.
“He is lucky that he was found when he was,” Charles Bowman of the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation said of this seal, which had been entangled in gill netting. East Hampton Village Police

Nature is much deeper, much more mysterious, much more complicated than in my naive view of it

Company aims to grow stripers eight miles offshore
The Manna Fish Farm automatic fish-feeding station, now docked at Prime Marina in Hampton Bays Jon M. Diat