There has been very little fishing activity, with wind putting a significant crimp in the plans of many looking to get in some late season action on the water
Immature bay scallops seem to be in short supply, which may portend a poor harvest next year. Jon M. Diat

The prettiest fall foliage was along the north half of Northwest Woods, east of Three Mile Harbor, and in Springs and Amagansett

I keep track of each bit of nature as it crops up — crows, blue jays, butterflies, and the like
An adult herring gull fed a fish to an immature great black-backed gull. There are a number of species of gulls on the South Fork, each with slightly different markings and habits. Terry Sullivan

I felt it was time to rustle up a few friends to get in some late-season fishing for blackfish
Al Daniels held a six-pound blackfish taken at Fishers Island on Sunday. Jon M. Diat

“It’s always something,”

I have programmed my schedule to ensure that I get on the water for the first day of bay scallop season
Robert Cugini of Seattle and Ray Sperling of Sag Harbor helped sort through scallops on Monday morning. Jon M. Diat

A few of the benefits of letting a true professional take all of the responsibilities off your plate for a day.
Tim Mott of Sag Harbor held a sea bass taken on Friday aboard the Oh Brother out of Montauk. Jon M. Diat

The Hempstead Plains was the largest prairie in New York State well into the late 1800s
The Greentree Foundation has used controlled burns and other methods to restore grasslands on the former Whitney Estate in Manhasset. Victoria Bustamante

Lobsters love a rock-strewn environment
The striped bass 11-year-old Joseph Nesbit caught off Montauk Point on Saturday looked nearly as big as him. It was 35 inches long and weighed about 15 pounds. Dyanna Nesbitt