Fall is when monarchs have finished up for the season and have begun to migrate south
Jean Held photographed a monarch caterpillar transforming into a chrysalis after first hanging in a “J” shape. The caterpillar sheds its skin as it moves from the larval to the pupa stage, and then the butterfly develops inside the chrysalis. Her photographs show the transformation over the course of just one hour. Jean Held

Stores of the Edward’s ilk are increasingly rare
Edward Shugrue of East Hampton landed and released this false albacore at Montauk last week. Don Calder
Mike Rivera hoisted a 15.5-pound, 34-inch fluke caught on Sept. 29 on Capt. Mark Ryckman’s Montauk Star. Rivera Family Photo

Two warring camps, environmentalists and pro-developers

Bluefish get a bit of a bad rap
Luke Fichthorn landed and released this false albacore off Montauk Point. Capt. Paul Dixon
Lise Bacon landed this 39-inch striped bass last week near Hither Hills in Montauk.

“We can get it to go so much faster. Don’t forget, speed is your friend.”
Doug Lowey landed and released this false albacore outside Fort Pond Bay on Sunday morning on a Deadly Dick tin. David Kuperschmid

The birds were hip to equinoxes before the modern humans
Even in the early days of fall we can still see an osprey or two around. Terry Sullivan

Simple times for the simple days of late summer
The haul from a family’s seine net at Noyac Bay a few days ago included such recently hatched species as kingfish, fluke, and even a lizardfish, above. Jon M. Diat

In this country, native peoples along most coasts and most rivers relied on fish traps for most of their protein
Cormorants and gulls are among the birds that perch on the poles and nets of a long-established pound trap off Long Beach in Noyac. Terry Sullivan

The forecast necessitated retrieving my lobster traps for the season
The Star’s fishing columnist pulled his last lobsters of the season from his pots last week and is readying them for some much-needed repairs. Jon M. Diat
Chris Albronda, left, and his father, Mike, landed this large mahimahi last week aboard the boat the Provider out of Montauk. Courtesy Chris Albronda

A sandpit has to be reclaimed by filling it with clean natural materials