A stormwater pipe on the ocean beach at Surfside Place in Montauk tested positive for high levels of fecal bacteria in a June 11 sample. David E. Rattray

The mega yachts are here
Nick Bocchino has taken over first place in the Montauk Surfmasters Spring Shootout striped bass tournament with this 43.5-pound striped bass. Paul Apostolides

When the Laurentide ice sheet retreated and left Long Island in its wake, there were no humans residing here
Carissa Katz

Long Island has some mammoth glacial erratics
Glacial erratics off Navy Beach in Montauk. Matthew Charron

It appears the price will continue its upward trend through the summer.
The price of marine fuel has risen dramatically this year. Jon M. Diat
Patrick Martorella of East Hampton with a striped bass taken near Gardiner’s Island. Harvey Bennett

As a boy in Mattituck I woke up each spring to the songs of bobwhites
Male wild turkeys spread their magnificently plumed tails when courting; the one with the prettiest display usually gets the females. Durell Godfrey

The ritual of a saltwater plunge
Orson Frisbee held an 11-pound, 8-ounce fluke caught on the Lazybones out of Montauk. Kathy Vesgessi

Many striped bass anglers are very protective of their favorite fishing haunts
Edward Shugrue of East Hampton caught (and released) this striped bass. It was taken on a small white Clouser fly. Edward Shugrue

What happened to Brushy Island?
A stump poking above the water in Montauk’s Fort Pond is all that remains of what was once a small island known as Brushy Island. Victoria Bustamante

Let’s face it, we’ve made one humongous mess of things
Pink-blooming swamp milkweeds can be seen in the foreground of this pastoral shot of the south end of Long Pond. Jean Held