Many striped bass anglers are very protective of their favorite fishing haunts
Edward Shugrue of East Hampton caught (and released) this striped bass. It was taken on a small white Clouser fly. Edward Shugrue

What happened to Brushy Island?
A stump poking above the water in Montauk’s Fort Pond is all that remains of what was once a small island known as Brushy Island. Victoria Bustamante

Let’s face it, we’ve made one humongous mess of things
Pink-blooming swamp milkweeds can be seen in the foreground of this pastoral shot of the south end of Long Pond. Jean Held

Anglers can retain only three fish over 15 inches through the end of August
Harsh restrictions on black sea bass continue to frustrate New York anglers. Jon M. Diat

Baltimore orioles are among the showier migrants spotted in recent weeks at the Mashomack Preserve on Shelter Island. Jim Colligan

It was time to get the bait out of the freezer and take a ride to the fluke grounds
Robert Cugini of Seattle and Sag Harbor caught his first-ever fluke last week. Jon M. Diat

By the weekend the Napeague shads and Long Beach beach plums should be blooming snowy white
All of a sudden, trees have burst into bloom! Carissa Katz

Two distinct and different classes of yachtsmen
Frank Sabia of Amagansett held a codfish taken last week aboard the charter boat Blue Fin IV out of Montauk. Capt. Michael Potts

Certain flower species bloom at about the same time year in and year out
Lesser celandine, or buttercups, bloom in early spring as a rule. Larry Penny

One strategic system of land that still needs to expand is the Long Pond Greenbelt
A dead yellow perch by Ligonee Creek in Sag Harbor was found not far from two dead eels. Jean Held