A solid run of very, very small but hungry bass have hit the ocean beaches
Two fishermen took a pause from casting to talk at Gerard Point on Monday evening. Reports were that big bluefish have been landed there and at other bay beaches since Saturday. David E. Rattray

I would check each blackish spider to see if it had a red spot on its abdomen
Praying mantises hatch from an egg case. Some people buy them to control insect pests in their gardens. Joseph Nesbit

Gina Bradley's Paddle Diva tour and lessons company will be allowed to operate from the Shagwong Marina in East Hampton as a legal battle with the Town of East Hampton continues.

Zostera marina
Eelgrass, which washes up on bay beaches in the fall and winter, has long been used as a mulch for gardens. Above, Jean Held collected quite a haul back in 1986.

Many people do not know that potatoes are one of the many vegetables grown here that are not started from seed
The planting of potatoes, an annual rite of spring on the East End that Larry Penny recalls from his youth on the North Fork, continues today, albeit on a smaller scale. Above, the Wesnosfske fields in Bridgehampton during planting time in April 2016. Carissa Katz

The great Long Island naturalists who have made their second job their first and best
One of many signs of spring, the trailing arbutus were blooming up a storm at Oakland Cemetery in Sag Harbor. Jean Held

When you’re walking you see everything close up
There are three kinds of recreational walking: fast steady walking, group walking with a guide, and walking by yourself or with another while studying the ground, sky, trees, and maybe water. Durell Godfrey

April is here and things are starting to pop
A red-phase screech owl, photographed on March 21, has been a frequent visitor to an Amagansett neighborhood, where it likes to sun in the afternoon. Stephanie Baloghy

There were many bad things to overcome