In recent years turkey vultures have been seen in Montauk, perhaps for the first time ever. Terry Sullivan

There is still a lot of food out there to be had in the fields and woods — the leftovers of fall
Amid a light rain, a flock of an estimated 1,000 red-winged blackbirds rose from a Wainscott field last week, a sure harbinger that spring is soon to come. Terry Sullivan
A Chinese goose has turned up at the Nature Trail in East Hampton Village. Terry Sullivan

There are lots of ways to produce energy, many of them without byproducts of noxious gases

We are slowing down a smidgeon with each passing year

The “domino theory.”

A hideous monument

Grus Canadensis
A sandhill crane, rarely seen in this area, has been spotted in Wainscott. Terry Sullivan

Stopping in at Wild Bird Crossing
The comings and goings of birds to and from a feeder can provide endless hours of entertainment in the winter months. Victoria Bustamante

New Year’s Eve was the day of the Orient bird count
Cedar Point lighthouse is also known as the Cedar Island Lighthouse. Arthur Goldberg

The nub of my everyday life revolves around prodigious note taking — two to three sides of lined paper each day