A humble man of few words, the captain said he was excited and honored to have received the award, which is given each year to a local boat captain
Capt. Mike Vegessi aboard the Lazybones on Monday Janis Hewitt

A route for hungry sharks to follow until they meet the boat’s baited hooks

High mercury levels in East Coast marshes could wipe out some bird species
Oksana Lane, a director at the Biodiversity Research Institute, took blood from a catbird on Shelter Island to test for mercury levels. Marian Lindberg

The Elbow, a place just about due east of the Montauk Lighthouse where a seamount rises to a depth of just 24 feet
Money washes out of swimmers’ pockets, mixes with seaweed, and ends up carried close to shore by the prevailing southwest winds, where it often ends up again in someone’s pocket. Russell Drumm

The last such mass defoliations of deciduous trees around these parts occurred in 2009, 2001, and 2000
Two female gypsy moths about to lay their eggs on a tree off Route 114 between East Hampton and Sag Harbor last week could indicate a bad year for East Hampton’s trees in 2016. Matthew Penny

Will they go for a second brood?
Angela Ortenzio spotted this osprey in the pond in her backyard off Northwest Creek. It was struggling to free itself from a water-filled plastic bag that had snared its leg. Her husband cut away the bag, and the stunned bird flew off. Angela Ortenzio

George Knoblach, who turns 90 today, was a pioneering spearfisherman and an accomplished photographer.

Where else can you find a cranberry bog in the shadows of a pitch pine forest and a stone’s throw from heathlands and dunes?
Over the last two centuries pitch pines have marched out onto Napeague from the rest of Amagansett. David E. Rattray

This year’s Shark’s Eye tournament will be held from the Montauk Marine Basin on July 18 and 19
This bluefin tuna was angled by Matt Heckman, above, with Oliver Saul at the helm approximately eight miles from Montauk while trolling the C.I.A. grounds last week. Oliver Saul
Paul Stern finessed a shark’s soft landing during last year’s no-kill shark tournament held from the Montauk Marine Basin. The Marine Basin’s 2015 no-kill tournament will take place on July 18 and 19. Russell Drumm

It was a perfect night to go out and scour the woods and fields for whippoorwills