There was enough snow to read the tracks, and those of turkeys, rabbits, squirrels, and the occasional fox stood out clearly
Deer, above, and other hooved animals run on their fore toes. Raccoons, below, have plantigrade feet, which meet the ground with both heal and forefoot simultaneously. Durell Godfrey Photos

We thought our seven seas were too big and too deep to be muddied by land-based activities
We used to think our oceans were too big and too deep to be sullied by land-based activities, but we know now that our marine waters are probably even more vulnerable than the land they surround. Durell Godfrey

Scourges that can put a cold blanket on spring
The southern pine borer can devastate the pitch pine tree.

The distribution of all of nature’s living things, including mosquitoes, is in flux
Durell Godfrey

The photos in “My Sag Harbor Bird Notebook” are as fine as any I have ever come across
A great blue heron waited for a meal along a snowy wetland edge this month. Terry Sullivan

A fifth season
Groundhog Day or not, this is the time of year when woodchucks, a.k.a. groundhogs, like this one in East Hampton, are supposed to be hibernating. Durell Godfrey

Only a matter of time
During last weekend’s flood tides, Little Reed Pond in Montauk, normally a mere puddle, was full to the brim. Victoria Bustamante

There are only 39 days until crocuses begin blooming
A snowy owl turned its gaze on a photographer at Lazy Point last week. Diane Ryan

One of our largest birds, the bald eagle, was seen on Long Pond south of Sag Harbor by Ellen Stahl
There have been many bald eagle sightings in the area of late, including this juvenile one photographed being mobbed by crows at the edge of Otter Pond in Sag Harbor. Greg Boeklin Photos

Only 20,000 years ago, sea level was so low that one could walk to Block Island
Sea level was so low 20,000 years ago that Gardiner’s Island, above, was connected by dry land to Plum, Shelter, Robins, and Big and Little Gull Islands, as well as Fishers Island, Nantucket, and North Haven. Doug Kuntz