Lurking below are visitors from afar
Jack Gaffney caught a 33-inch striper last week off Montauk Point. Bob Gaffney
Let’s honor dads that have placed a rod and reel in the hands of their sons and daughters
Wind made fishing tough this week, but Mike Manzare managed to catch a 38-pound striper in the bay. Ken Morse

Of all of Long Island’s hamlets and villages, Montauk is by far the largest and it has the most dedicated open space of any of them
Axel Alanis, Cien Estuye, Erin Nolan, and Ally Karlin, high school interns working in a program overseen by the Third House Nature Center and the Garden Club of East Hampton, have been studying Montauk’s Big Reed Pond and its surroundings. Victoria Bustamante

The foliage on both sides Route 114 was a brilliant green

Large striped bass take temporary residence in the rip that forms between Bostwick Point at the northern tip of Gardiner’s Island and Gardiner’s Point Island
John Ebanks held a cod caught south of Montauk Point. Tom McDonald

A lure looks different above and below the surface of the water
Sam Doughty of Springs caught these nice-looking fluke south of Montauk.

A very sad scene
A pygmy sperm whale mother and calf washed ashore at Shagwong Beach west of Montauk Point last week. Turkey vultures were quick to find them. Victoria Bustamante Photos

It’s no coincidence that Ted Williams, arguably baseball’s greatest hitter, was also a gifted fly caster
Bob Johnson of Sag Harbor caught a 12.8-pound fluke off Shelter Island last week. Tight Lines Tackle

The groundhog, a.k.a. the woodchuck or whistlepig, is also called a marmot
Marmota monax, a.k.a. the woodchuck or groundhog, has a home range of less than a hundred yards or so. Durell Godfrey Photos

Every boat owner knows it’s not about the bucks
Boating is expensive, but a day on the water is priceless. David Kuperschmid