This past Monday I took one of those trips to see what has transpired and what might transpire

Last week I heard that bass, blues, and albies were busting water on the Sound side of Orient Point so I figured I’d head over there
Several small boats congregated in a cove west of Orient Point, where striped bass were pressing their prey against the beach. David Kuperschmid

The Shinnecock Canal was filled with bunker fish before the locks were open at 9:30 Monday morning. Amy Beth Stern
Tens of thousands of fish died Monday in the Shinnecock Canal.Amy Beth Stern

Why is it that some birds and mammals flock together while others are mostly solitary or in pairs?
Starlings not only flock when flying from one spot to another, they also fly in formation, forming tight balls and near-solid three-dimensional shapes to fool would-be predators into thinking they are a single large organism. Durell Godfrey

Baitfish — along with the striped bass and bluefish that pursue them — are exiting the comfort of the bay and beginning their dangerous migration south to warmer seas
William Feigelman caught these blackfish around Valiant Rock last Thursday.
A 25-pound striper was Randy Thomas’s reward for fishing at Indian Wells Beach in Amagansett on Sunday. Harvey Bennett

Destination TV for armchair fishermen
Jon Macca found himself in a striper blitz off Montauk on Saturday. Capt. Merritt White

It is very puzzling to think that we would resort to our barbaric past and remove this or that part of the natural landscape because some higher authority would have us do so
Lupines are among the flowers thriving at the spots where the open fields of East Hampton Airport give way to forest. Victoria Bustamante

Ocean beaches are producing stripers and big blues for those putting in the time. David Kuperschmid

Bluebirds were a principal focus of the South Fork Natural History Society in its formative years in the mid-1980s

The disconcerting sound of spinning tires
Bob Wilder caught this false albacore last Thursday in Gardiner’s Bay. Capt. Merritt White