One of our largest birds, the bald eagle, was seen on Long Pond south of Sag Harbor by Ellen Stahl
There have been many bald eagle sightings in the area of late, including this juvenile one photographed being mobbed by crows at the edge of Otter Pond in Sag Harbor. Greg Boeklin Photos

Only 20,000 years ago, sea level was so low that one could walk to Block Island
Sea level was so low 20,000 years ago that Gardiner’s Island, above, was connected by dry land to Plum, Shelter, Robins, and Big and Little Gull Islands, as well as Fishers Island, Nantucket, and North Haven. Doug Kuntz

An unusually warm December has brought the gift of unexpected blooms, like these cherry blossoms on Pantigo Road in East Hampton. Victoria Bustamante

More acorns should produce more squirrels
Squirrels are ingenious when it comes to accessing food in bird feeders, even ones designed to be difficult for them to get to. Durell Godfrey

Mary Ellen Kane won the women’s division of the Montauk SurfMasters Fall Classic. Paulie’s Tackle

Those pesky hawks with the sharp beaks and vice-grip talons
Merlin Terry Sullivan

Only East Hampton Village of those on the South Fork has a stream running through it
In his “Eden of East Hampton,” Dell Cullum turns a naturalist’s eye on the flora and fauna of the Nature Trail, capturing tender moments like the one above between a white-tailed doe and fawn. Dell Cullum Photos
The place many children know only as “the duck pond” hosts an abundance of species small and large in addition to its resident ducks.

A True’s beaked whale was found dead on Scott Cameron Beach in Bridgehampton last Thursday. Robin L. Mueller

For some reason the run of dunes between the Kirk Park parking lot and the ocean has had an almost miraculous stability over the years