In June and July the deer ate 75 percent of the daylilies

However far the family had driven, however much they’d paid to get here — it was worth it
The 17th annual Rell Sunn Surf Contest brought wave riders young and old to Ditch Plain Beach in Montauk on Saturday. Ed Patrowicz

The unending quest for perfect flow on the face of a wave
The East Hampton Sportsmen’s Alliance had 16 adults, including Al Goldberg, a well-known rod builder, mentoring 16 kids during a trip Friday aboard the Miss Montauk party boat. The alliance runs the trips once a year to introduce young people to the joys of fishing. Terrence O’Riordan

Birdsongs may be few and far between, but the slack is taken up by singing insects

A “shiver of sharks.”
Light-weight rods have been bowing deeply to the big blues off Montauk Point, as Lou Rosado demonstrated aboard Capt. Ken Rafferty’s boat this week. Capt. Ken Rafferty

I wouldn’t trade my boyhood and its summer for all the gold in Captain Kidd’s chest

The insects take the stage with their sounds, flights, pheromone secretions, and even lights

A humble man of few words, the captain said he was excited and honored to have received the award, which is given each year to a local boat captain
Capt. Mike Vegessi aboard the Lazybones on Monday Janis Hewitt

A route for hungry sharks to follow until they meet the boat’s baited hooks

High mercury levels in East Coast marshes could wipe out some bird species
Oksana Lane, a director at the Biodiversity Research Institute, took blood from a catbird on Shelter Island to test for mercury levels. Marian Lindberg