The hunting strategy of many species involves hanging in a protected spot
On July 11, the Montauk Chamber of Commerce went offshore for its annual Take a Kid Fishing for Free program. There will be repeat trips in August. Kids fish free, parents or caregivers pay $10. Lea Braak

Throughout June I had seen several of these pretty light green vocalists

Fishing under sail is at once a peaceful (a relative term) and an exciting way to go
The Viking Fivestar, an upscale charter boat designed to take a limited number of anglers on offshore fishing ventures in comfort, will arrive at Montauk’s Viking Dock in early August. Viking Photo

This summer I have had a regal fritillary
Butterflies, like this swallowtail, are nectar eaters. Durell Godfrey

“They’re eating everything”
The 50.7-pound striper Anthony Vaccaro caught on Sunday was bigger than Anthony Jr. Rich Janis Photos

All but two of those who took the arduous two-and-a-half-hour test passed
The surf wasn’t rough, but the water was cold, and the low tide lengthened carries up the beach. Jack Graves

Each shoreline on the South Fork of Long Island is different
On any given day, there are at least four different zones of pebbles, seaweed, shells, and sand running the length of Long Beach from North Haven into Noyac.

A bunker cloud should make the heart of a light-spin-tackler soar like an eagle
Harry Ellis of Montauk trolled up this 64-pound bluefin tuna within sight of land one week ago. Gone Fishing Marina

Will the majority of fireflies slip by unnoticed?
An osprey at Lazy Point had breakfast in its grasp. Dell Cullum

A bumper crop of bluefish of all sizes
The crew of the P Pod posed with the 237-pound blue shark that took first place in the blue shark division of the Star Island Yacht Club’s shark tournament over the weekend. Star Island Island Yacht Club