A little more than halfway up, the six mountaineers — Mary Scheerer, Brian Reiss, Shari Hymes, Scott Pleban, and Pete and Rob Spagnoli — posed for a photo.

The largest of the three Atlantic white cedar swamps is in the hamlet of North Sea. Vicki Bustamante

Cod fishing has been alternately great and frustrating. Friday was great aboard the Viking Star party boat. Peter Spacek

Southampton Town Trustees and volunteers fixed the North Sea Road culvert entrance.

The downed tree is a 90-foot-long swamp white oak. Vicki Bustamante Photo

Lark Sparrow Andrew Griswold

There were several woody vining species, or lianas, to observe — wild grape, poison ivy, Japanese honeysuckle, Virginia creeper, and Asiatic bittersweet among them — curling vines and twisty tree trunks in the Morton Wildlife Refuge in Noyac. Larry Penny Photo

By Larry Penny
Mosses had their origin 500 million years ago and come in a vast variety. Carissa Katz
By Larry Penny
Perhaps East Hampton’s most impressive lop tree, this giant, deformed oak on Springy Banks Road was shaped by unknown hands to serve as a property-line marker long ago. David E. Rattray