Fishing will come first, for the most part, but the column will also include news and tales from surfers, sailors, divers, and all manner of water addicts
Ben McCarron, a Montauk surfcaster, caught this impressive 44.7-pound striped bass under the Montauk Lighthouse on Saturday. Paul Apostolides

The whippoorwill is one of seven members of the goatsucker family

How does one smell fish that are swimming, you might ask
Fishermen in Montauk’s Fort Pond Bay checked their traps. Squid, among the species usually found in traps in early June, has been relatively absent from local waters this spring. Russell Drumm

In 1923 there were only a handful of invasive plants in Montauk, but things have changed dramatically

A mind that drifts seaward
Edward Shugrue and his nephew Max Herman found their first striped bass of the season in Three Mile Harbor over the weekend.

A few things haven’t changed, thank God

The land south of the line is shrouded in thick, cold fog
Robert Van Velsor caught this 38.58-pound striper on Montauk’s south side using a bucktail. Paulie’s Tackle

There has been very little scientific research into the impact of very loud noises on birds and other wild animals

The fish local Indians called squeteague, and later dubbed tide runners, sea trout, or weakfish, have arrived right on their ancient schedule
Peter Spacek caught this nine-pound fluke from his kayak off Ditch Plain in Montauk. Peter Spacek

March’s dull and dreary landscape is behind us