Bob Howard, a retired New York City police detective, came up with a striped bass weighing 39 pounds, and measuring 46 inches
Bob Howard reeled in a 46-inch striped bass weighing 39 pounds early Tuesday, putting him in first place in the Montauk SurfMasters tournament’s wader division.
Schools of bass and bluefish moved between the small boats and the line of surfcasters on the tide. Russell Drumm

Our septic waters and runoff washes are befouling the inshore waters at an ever-increasing rate
Lake Montauk, opened to Block Island Sound in the mid-1920s, is more and more polluted from runoff and septic sources with each passing year. Durell Godfrey

An encampment of migratory surfcasters, hardcore fishermen and women hoping to sync up with the fall run of striped bass
Pat Wetzel, kneeling, Chris Miller, and Mike Tierney caught this 256-pound swordfish aboard the Sea Spearit in the Fishtails section of Block Canyon on Monday morning. Brendan McCarthy

Important refugia of times past
Durell Godfrey

Cold water sharks
Capt. Burt Prince and his mate, Gary Starkweather, caught a porbeagle shark, said to be as tasty as a mako, while fishing off Montauk.

Commercial and recreational harvesters will be able to take shellfish from Northwest Creek from Dec. 15 to April 30. Morgan McGivern

By morning’s first light I could count the bites — 30 or so below my waist, a few on my arms, and some on my abdomen and gluteus maximus
Victoria Bustamante

“The planet is not our planet. I envision her as our mother, the mother of all life.”
Paul Greenberg, left, the author of “American Catch: The Fight for Our Local Seafood,” led a panel discussion on sustainable fisheries. Carl Safina, an author and founder of the Safina Center at Stony Brook University, was among the panelists. John Chimples

During the Surfers Healing event for autistic children in Montauk on Friday, Israel Paskowitz, seated on the board at right, filmed one of the young participants as she rode a gentle wave with her helper. Russell Drumm