"It looked to me like an interesting package under the tree that you wanted to open but couldn’t”
And they’ve got a view people pay millions for. Jack Graves

Many plant species are consistently untouched by deer
Most plants that thrive in deer-filled areas, like Queen Anne’s lace, are actually poisonous. Durell Godfrey

The number of large sharks being caught and seen relatively close to shore has folks wondering
Chris Yates, left, caught this 185-pound (dressed weight) big-eye tuna from Capt. Peter Brancaleone’s Fish On boat on Sunday with the help of mate Peter Brancaleone Jr. The tuna was weighed in at the Star Island Yacht Club. Rich Janis

"The sport is the fastest growing water sport in the world"
The paddles were mainly on the right on the way out to the first mark. Jack Graves

We listened to the night music of tree crickets, katydids, whippoorwills, and barking dogs.
If the economy keeps sinking, those with gardens, those who keep chickens and know how to fish will get by and those who don’t will be dependent on those who have roosters crowing next door. Carissa Katz

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Many naturalists and ecologists have contributed much to the idea of supplanting lawns with habitat gardens
With an adult nearby, a piping plover chick stretched its downy wings near its sandy nesting area. Sarita Kiembock

Porgies seem to be getting larger and larger
Mason Cohen of Water Mill greeted a porgy up close and personal during an outing provided by the Flying Point Surf School’s fish camp last week. Ava Locks Photo

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an exquisite collection of Indian artifacts, taxidermied animals, wampum shells, dioramic paintings, costumes, and other items
A robin seemed perplexed to find a young osprey in its neighborhood off Osborne Lane. Dell Cullum