The August rains have already raised the level of water table ponds and kept perched ponds in business
A long pond system rising north of Scuttlehole Road in Bridgehampton includes Short’s Pond, Haines Pond, Goldfish Pond, Long Pond, Little Long Pond, and Kellis Pond at its southern end, as depicted in E. Belcher Hyde’s 1916 “Atlas of the Ocean Shore of Suffolk County.”

A life right out of a Hemingway novel
Capt. Kenny Bouse will be honored as part of this weekend’s Montauk Grand Slam charity fishing tournament held from Uihlein’s Marina and Boat Rental. Russell Drumm

The record June rains supplied enough water to sufficiently raise the water table
A now-submerged island in the northwest part of Fort Pond in Montauk was so high and dry 90 years ago that the remnants of an upland forest grew there. Victoria Bustamante

Anna Mary, the lobster boat John Aldridge fell from on July 24, supplied what seemed like an endless supply of lobsters for the party
The Anna Mary, anchored in Fort Pond Bay in Montauk Sunday, served as bandstand at a party to celebrate the rescue at sea two weeks ago of John Aldridge, a co-owner of the lobster boat. Lobsters were in copious supply. Atilla Ozturk

Plants don’t bite, but they can be the most menacing of all the lurkers
The white, milky sap of Asclepias syriaca, or common milkweed, would do most of us in if we ate it. Victoria Bustamante

It was as if a kind of benevolence was orchestrating the interplay of mankind and the sea
Jimmy Buffett, who participated in the no-kill SharkEye tournament over the weekend, kept his eyes peeled aboard the Last Mango. Buffet said such tournaments are the wave of the future.
An eight-foot blue shark swam away after being released.
Paul Stern brought a big blue shark alongside for a photo, a pat on the dorsal, and a fond farewell.Russell Drumm Photos

Such occlusive walls can presently be seen in all their summer glory in Montauk along Old West Lake Drive

Portella caught the humpback’s launch, slow roll with its long, white pectoral fins spread wide, and its awesome splashdown
On an offshore trip with Sea Turtle Dive Charters out of Montauk, a humpback whale launched itself out of the water, then returned, white pectoral fins spread wide, for an awesome splashdown. Dalton Portella

For several years now deer have also been blamed for removing the underbrush or subshrub groundcover across the South Fork
In our columnist’s opinion, one of the most serious charges against deer — that they are destroying the South Fork’s low woodland vegetation — is off the table. Dell Cullum

The Mentawais are a vast tropical paradise with Indian Ocean temperatures in the mid-80s
Nick Joeckel found himself in the “green room,” one of many he and 10 friends from Montauk experienced during a surf safari to Indonesia in June. Matt Clark