A single sunflower, yellow on the outside and dark in the middle, is actually a composite of 50 to 100 flowers

Seven veterans took to the sea on Sunday as part of the Healing Waters program
Capt. Ken Rafferty helped Patrice Neil of East Hampton hoist the 12-pound bluefish she caught off Montauk last week. Capt. Ken Rafferty

There is a lot of exposure accompanying migration

The words of the children flowed effortlessly
Success! A young fisherman pulled a porgy from Fort Pond Bay in Montauk on Monday afternoon Russell Drumm
Rodrigue Tovar II fished Huck Finn-style on the town pier in Fort Pond Bay. Russell Drumm
The crew of the Defiant hoisted a white marlin prior to its release in Block Canyon on Saturday.

In the past, ethnic groups migrated as much to find food as to find freedom
The tuber of Apios americana, or groundnut, is edible and might also be mashed and used as an effective poultice after a brown recluse spider bite, our columnist suggested. Victoria Bustamante

With a strong southwest wind, Sunday seemed a perfect day for the trip
Michael Salzhauer caught this striped beauty while fishing with Capt. Ken Rafferty on the south side of Montauk Point at the spot known as Caswell’s on Saturday. Ken Rafferty

Is the world’s shoreline length increasing or shrinking?

It was not clouds of sail that her captain, Fred E. Bird, spread against the sky as his customers angled for fluke, striped bass, bluefish, and especially porgies
The late Capt. Fred E. Bird, Montauk party boat captain and jazz aficionado, was a legend in his own time. Phillip Graybill
The first to identify this mystery fish caught in a local trap will win a Star cap. Call 324-0002 with its name.

The August rains have already raised the level of water table ponds and kept perched ponds in business
A long pond system rising north of Scuttlehole Road in Bridgehampton includes Short’s Pond, Haines Pond, Goldfish Pond, Long Pond, Little Long Pond, and Kellis Pond at its southern end, as depicted in E. Belcher Hyde’s 1916 “Atlas of the Ocean Shore of Suffolk County.”

A life right out of a Hemingway novel
Capt. Kenny Bouse will be honored as part of this weekend’s Montauk Grand Slam charity fishing tournament held from Uihlein’s Marina and Boat Rental. Russell Drumm