The weather hasn’t been all that propitious

He found plenty of stripers in Little Peconic Bay around Jessup’s Neck, and then bluefish galore at Cedar Point
Mike Tuscano of Amagansett hefted a fat striped bass he caught while light-tackling with Capt. Ken Rafferty near Big Gull Island a week ago. Ken Rafferty

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We on coastal Long Island are living on borrowed time

The Lazy Bones party boat has been hot with left-handed flounder with fish up to nine pounds
Kathy Vegessi strained her biceps to hold up the 8.5-pound fluke she caught during a busman’s holiday aboard the Lazy Bones party boat on Sunday. Her husband, the Bones’s captain, Mike Vegessi, has been finding the big ones. Chris Gray

When the fabulist Aesop matched the turtle against the hare in a race two millenniums ago, he must have known something about turtles.

Blowfish are swarming local waters this season
Edward L. Shugrue III went fly-fishing in Three Mile Harbor on Saturday and was rewarded with this plump striped bass. Edward Shugrue

The unseasonal coolness of May has slowed the advance of spring
White-faced Ibis, Scoy Pond, East Hampton Angus Wilson

This season, one is struck by the size and plumpness of both striped bass and bluefish
Ellis Rattray with a 13-pound striped bass that his father caught in Gardiner’s Bay on Saturday David E. Rattray

The Carolina wren is one of those birds that I would miss dearly
Carolina wrens have made themselves at home here over the years. Terry Sullivan