Our country is about the only one in the world that fillets fish and throws the bones away

Eking out a living by catching and eating insects
Drosera intermedia, the spatulate-leaved sundew, is one of three species of insectivorous sundews that can be found on the South Fork. Victoria Bustamante

We had calendars but mostly we got to know the change of seasons by the temperature outside

“he or she had sand,”

Autumn was on its way
Monarch sightings are on the increase as summer moves into its final weeks. Terry Sullivan

An awed hush had taken its place
Nick Zuccotti with a Bull Mahi caught in August near the Ranger wreck on his father’s boat “Shearwater” out of Springs. Andy Zuccotti

Anglers give all sorts of names to familiar fish based on their size or appearance
Annalee Ficorilli caught this eight-pound fluke a week ago while fishing on the Lazy Bones out of Montauk.

Scallop Pond is one of those coastal ponds of which Southampton has so many
The salt marsh on the south side of Scallop Pond Larry Penny

There’s more to catching a fish than catching a fish
Spearfishing in the Canyons offshore from Montauk, David Dynof bagged an aptly named bigeye tuna. @petercorreale
On a trip 100 miles off Montauk, Loic Gouzer encountered an ocean sunfish, or mola mola. @petercorreale

Crooked Pond is my favorite of the Greenbelt chain of ponds that stretches from Otter Pond on the north to the tip of Sagg Pond on the south