“There’s a tremendous amount of bass up to 25 pounds”
This week’s mystery fish comes from Stuart’s Seafood in Amagansett. The first reader to come up with the correct name will get his or her choice of a Star archival photo print. Charlotte Sasso

Long Island’s Ponds and Their Flora and Fauna
In vernal ponds like Chatfield’s Hole in East Hampton’s Northwest, drought allowed some plants that only appear during dry times to thrive on a wide muddy shelf at pond’s edge, but with rain, they become dormant again until the next drought. Morgan McGivern

“These regulation changes reflect improvements to populations of scup, black sea bass, and summer flounder”
Scott Leonard oversees the Star Island Yacht Club’s expanded tackle store on Star Island in Montauk with a new focus on the needs of surfcasters. Russell Drumm

Strange Yelps in the Night
This will be the year of the red fox. This one was spotted at the East Hampton Nature Trail. Dell Cullum

A Lord of the Flies
Alfonso Marino displays a fly he’s tied to lure big striped bass.
During the Sportsmen’s Expo held at the Amagansett Firehouse on Saturday, Alfonso Marino displayed a fly he’s tied to lure big striped bass. Durell Godfrey

Culloden was just as grand as in previous springs, maybe even a little grander
The trail edges were carpeted with a variety of blooming wild flowers, including wild strawberries. Vicki Bustamante Photo

Two forests dominated by broad-leaved deciduous trees that have hardly been cut over
Known as the Signature Tree, this American beech in Stony Hill Woods — an example of what archaeologists call an “arborglyph” or “dendroglyph” — is inscribed with the date 1908. Alexis Alvey

Two dozen hikers gathered in the parking lot of the South Fork Natural History Museum
Following Friday evening’s hike at the South Fork Natural History Museum, people shared hot cider and treats under the light of the full moon. Carrie Ann Salvi