Regional floras and the native insects they host evolve together
A mature tent caterpillar munched on a shad leaf in Montauk on Sunday. Victoria Bustamante

The moon that became fulsome on June 2 lighted up the night fishing big time.
Glenn Grothmann of Montauk, a k a the Sandman, caught this hefty 51.68-pound striped bass on Friday. Paulie’s Tackle

A warning to stop the killing of one’s fellow man
Fishermen plied the waters of Fort Pond in Montauk last month. Russell Drumm

Sunday is National Beach Safety Week

Menhaden, also called mossbunker, and porgy belong to the herring family, the Clupeidae, along with shads, alewives, and gizzard shads
A haul of bunker brought into the Promised Land dock aboard the steamer Amagansett in the heyday of the menhaden fishery The East Hampton Star

This 3,500-pound great white’s dorsal had been fitted with a small antenna capable of transmitting fascination as well as deep concern
The OCEARCH website has been tracking 150 sharks outfitted with satellite tags. Their migrations have both fascinated and inspired fear in those who visit the site. OCEARCH.com
The tilefish longliner Seacapture returned to Montauk with a trip of especially large fish. Capt. John Nolan Jr. brought one weighing over 40 pounds to the scales on Saturday. Russell Drumm

In the plant world, the nearest thing to a chicken or turtle egg is a nut

New York State reopened portions of Shinnecock Bay to shellfishing on Friday after a two-week closure. N.Y.S.D.E.C.

That great white? She’s off Virginia this week
Is it safe to go in the water? The travels of more than 100 tagged sharks, including some captured off Montauk last year, are being tracked online at OCEARCH.org.

Awesome! The roar was deafening, the spray blinding
Neophyte fly casters practiced the basics during a clinic in Roscoe, N.Y., on Monday. Russell Drumm