Above, in North Sea, in several different spots there was nothing but bare ground with hundreds of little yellow domes, a burrow in the center of each. Vicki Bustamante Photos

The crescent moon was bright enough on Monday to make you squint, and Venus just below and to the right nearly so. Jupiter hung directly below Venus. Courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech

Bagworms, native to eastern America, look like inverted pinecones. Vicki Bustamante

An early spring, and a few small boats have been testing the waters for early fish. Russell Drumm

Last Thursday afternoon during a walk through the state’s part of Hither Woods in Montauk, there was a large ribbon snake half-coiled on one of the trails. Vicki Bustamante

Hunter Medler, 11, of Montauk landed this yellowfin tuna with a little help while fishing off the coast of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands late last month. Alan Burke

A little more than halfway up, the six mountaineers — Mary Scheerer, Brian Reiss, Shari Hymes, Scott Pleban, and Pete and Rob Spagnoli — posed for a photo.

The largest of the three Atlantic white cedar swamps is in the hamlet of North Sea. Vicki Bustamante

Cod fishing has been alternately great and frustrating. Friday was great aboard the Viking Star party boat. Peter Spacek

Southampton Town Trustees and volunteers fixed the North Sea Road culvert entrance.