One of the first women to have her name engraved on a stone here, was the late Cathy Lester

73-degree water offshore and sharks aplenty

Damn the public
A male eastern box turtle turned a wary eye on the camera. The mating season for box turtles is from late spring through as late as October. Females have yellow eyes. Dell Cullum

Okay, you’ve made it “outside.” Now what?
Danny Savage caught this 32-inch striped bass on Amagansett’s ocean side Sunday. Tackle Shop
Deer surf too? Dell Cullum

Beach Bum After-Sun Spray and Beach Hair Sea Salt Spray, both by Made in Montauk Courtesy of Made in Montauk
Courtesy of Made in Montauk
A cover-up from Made in MontaukCourtesy of Made in Montauk

The first eagles to breed on Mashomack, the Nature Conservancy’s pearl on Shelter Island, in more than a century are just about to fledge their chicks

“sputnik grass.”
Chris Lanning, arms raised in celebration, caught this 35-inch striper in three feet of water off of Shelter Island last week while fishing with his guide Brendan McCarthy. Edward L. Shugrue III

The Riverhead Foundation biologists were alerted to the turtle’s predicament by the Montauk Coast Guard Station

I covered 65 miles of back roads between 8:30 and midnight without hearing so much as a single whip or chuck

A disturbing trend, and something to watch
Andrew Mark, 7, landed his first fish — a striped bass — on a spinning road he had just learned to use. Capt. Ken Rafferty
Allan Weisbecker and his dog, Gus, are hitting the road in a new R.V.; he’ll document his travels on Banditobooks.com.
It doesn’t get much better than this surf session a Montauk crew experienced during a recent trip to northwestern Nicaragua. Pictures from the trip, along with work by other photographers, will be shown at the Atlantic Terrace in Montauk on Saturday. Justin Burkle