Another spring, another new year, another chance to set things right
Robins and other infrahumans, our columnist writes, appear to get along with each other much better than we Homo sapiens. Durell Godfrey

The majority of our gray squirrels tough it out during the cold winter months in what are called “dreys.”
Gray squirrels nest in bundle-like stick-and-leaf dreys, built high in the trees. During a recent drive, hundreds of dreys were observed along the roadsides from Noyac to Amagansett. Dell Cullum

An eastern spotted salamander, as encountered on a South Fork Natural History Museum outing Richard Lewin

A man-made swale behind the East Hampton Methodist Church had an elevated bacteria level in a January water test by Concerned Citizens of Montauk. David E. Rattray

Seals and other coastal inhabitants can be viewed on a guided walk with a state parks naturalist in Montauk both Saturday and Sunday. Jane Bimson

Last year there were reports of both ospreys and bald eagles flying or roosting in the vicinity of Kellis Pond
Bald eagles were spotted mating on Kellis Pond in Bridgehampton recently. Greg Boeklen

The Antarctic was sexy, the Arctic dull
As ocean waters warm, warmer water fish species make their way farther and farther north. Above, a smooth puffer, typically found closer to Bermuda, was caught in the north rips of Montauk Point in the summer of 2016. Gone Fishing Marina

A lunar eclipse was visible over Gardiner's Bay and the Bell Estate in Amagansett on Wednesday morning. David E. Rattray

There are many variations on the theme
The female Galapagos hawk is polyandrous; she keeps more than one male on more than one nest at the same time. Dell Cullum

East Hampton Town police Sgt. Dan Roman helped corral a seal pup that had wandered from Gardiner's Bay to the edge of Bendigo Road in Amagansett Tuesday. T.E. McMorrow