Hummingbirds fly fast and furious

A part of local history that should not be forgotten
From left, Floyd Havens, Dom Dom, William Havens, Bill Lester, and Sidney Havens with their catch before haulseining was banned in the name of “conservation.”

Houses are going up everywhere

Fishermen read the movements of fish in spring, comparing their comings and goings with those kept in logbooks and legends
Squidders lined a dock in Montauk as their lamps lighted the water below. Carissa Katz

The return of the swallows
Birdhouses at Fort Pond Bay in Montauk provide nesting spots for purple martins. Victoria Bustamante

I’ve found that the sea tends to draw our less conscious selves forward like dreams remembered
At Barnes Landing on Sunday, Susan Denton christened the Miss Mary with a bottle of Budweiser. Her husband, Dwayne Denton, built the new dory for Paul and Dan Lester. Russell Drumm

I hadn’t gone more than 30 feet when I looked down and saw there were little brown dots at the bottom of it — ticks!

Salivar’s was the place where time stood still

A reproduction strategy called “swarming,”
After hatching in the Sargasso Sea, young eels make their way into coastal freshwater streams and ponds, where they grow into adults. Decreased access to suitable places to mature may be accelerating the species’ decline. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The Lester dory lay upside down in the final stages of construction with plywood skin covering fir framing and main supports of two-inch oak
Sheltered under a temporary structure in Amagansett, Dwayne Denton has been building a plywood dory on traditional lines for Dan and Paul Lester, brothers who are commercial fishermen. Russell Drumm
Mr. Denton with a pair of knees that will go into the finished boat. Some of the late Calvin Lester's ashes will be sealed in a hole drilled in one of them.Russell Drumm
Mr. Denton with an earlier dory that influenced the design of the new one.Russell Drumm