Fishermen descended on Hudson Canyon last week to take as many as 200 bigeyes
Bigeye tuna were graded at Gosman’s Dock in Montauk last week. The prized tuna were caught by a commercial longline fisherman. Sport anglers also got into the bigeye action that took place in the Hudson Canyon. T.E. McMorrow

Sammy’s Beach was named in the East Hampton Town Code as one of the four original “nature preserves”
During the 12-plus years of grow-back at Sammy’s Beach, very few alien plants have managed to find a niche, and the replanted area is practically free of invasives. Vicki Bustamante

Locals getting down to the pleasures of early fall
A lone surfcaster worked the channel to New Harbor on Block Island on Sunday. Russell Drumm

Tropical Storm Leslie had been inching north and east, hovering around Bermuda for days
Clean lines of surf generated by Tropical Storm Leslie made for perfect conditions during Sunday's Espo's summer classic surfing competition at Ditch Plain, Montauk, on Sunday Morgan McGivern

Montauk had just about every kind of habitat found elsewhere on Long Island with the exception of pine barrens
In late summer Montauk grasslands were once pink with a thick covering of sandplain gerardia blooms. Now the plant is federally endangered. Vicki Bustamante

“The fish have moved back to Montauk”
Butch Maher, left, first mate on the charter boat Blue Fin IV, showed off the 25-pound cod caught by the angler Robert Macbarb of East Hampton on Sunday. Capt. Michael Potts

They comprise a colorful crazy quilt when photographed from the air
The Napeague isthmus contains examples of several of the South Fork’s varied habitats, including pitch pine forest, cranberry bogs, dune plains where thick carpets of beach heather and bearberry grow, and the dramatic Walking Dunes. Carrie Ann Salvi

Capt. Ken Rafferty reported that his first albie catch of the season occurred on Monday
Michael Salzhauer presented the false albacore he caught on a fly near Little Gull Island on Monday. Capt. Ken Rafferty

“If you put up chairs and umbrellas on the beach, you can’t keep people out of the water even if there are signs that prohibit swimming”

Most of the birds are out foraging for insects, fruit, seeds, and the like away from residential areas