One of the more intense winter passions is the otherworldly sport of ice fishing
Devon Grisham, below, and Kyle Fagerland, with his dog, Shelby, tried ice fishing on Fort Pond in Montauk on Sunday morning. Russell Drumm Photos

It must be remembered that the South Fork’s easternmost hamlet remains a fishing village at heart
Montauk Harbor was frozen solid on Sunday, bringing commercial fishing to a brief standstill. Russell Drumm

Each bird species has its own unique way of staying active
Two immature bald eagles approached a meal of carrion in a snow-covered Bridgehampton field. Jill Musnicki

These winter birds are well equipped to handle most winter days, but when the snow covers the ground for weeks on end, things can get desperate
A red-shouldered hawk, among Long Island’s rarest raptors, was spotted in Montauk this week. Victoria Bustamante

A lie, yes, but lies come in categories

Willows in the genus Salix are in the Salicaceae family along with aspens and poplars
On Monday, a willow alongside Long Beach Road in Noyac, was already yellowing up, anticipating spring and flowering time. Larry Penny

Throughout geologic history ice bridges and land bridges played major roles in the movement back and forth of locomotory species

Wetsuits have turned frigid water into a wine of sorts
A few of Montauk’s hardcore surfers hit the waves, big waves, smack in the middle of the blizzard called Juno, and James Katsipis captured them in action. James Katsipis

Snow is frozen rain that starts with a particle of dust, pollen, clay, or some other tiny thing that serves as a nucleus
It may not actually be true that no two snowflakes are alike, but their varieties are dizzying. Durell Godfrey