This is the kind of winter I remember growing up as a kid in Mattituck in the 1940s
Fort Pond in Montauk was completely frozen over earlier this week. Victoria Bustamante

I thought about snow, the sight, sound, feel, and even the smell of it

What a wonderful invention, skates, like the wheel in a way
After a day of cod fishing aboard the Viking Starship, anglers left the boat with smiles on their faces and fish in their coolers. Russell Drumm

The seas are turning red, not with blood, but with red tide phytoplankton

“What’s up Doc?”

Animal control has always been somewhat of a problem in East Hampton and on the South Fork in general

Myerson was born to fish. At age 8, he plucked the feathers from his grandmother’s dead parrot to fashion his first lure.

As per usual on such counts, Canada geese stole the show
As per usual on the New York State Waterfowl Count, Canada geese stole the show, with one group counting at least 9,000 of them on the ponds from Bridgehampton to East Hampton. Durell Godfrey

The beauty of multibibliophrenia is, for wont of a better description, cross-pollination

In Latham’s day there were only five or six birders covering the entire 15-mile diameter count circle