Jay Libath, left, and Eric Flaherty showed off some of the mahimahi they caught spearfishing near Atlantis Canyon on Monday. Phil Cangiolosi

Tom Tackle, left, and Paul Snyder admired this hatchet marlin before returning it to the sea earlier this month. Below, big schools of tinker mackerel like this one were swarming in Fort Pond Bay, Montauk, this week. Harvey Bennett and Paul Snyder Photos


Harry Norum
Harry Norum reeled up this nine-pound doormat fluke aboard the Lazy Bones party boat last week. Jack Yee

SWEET PEPPER BUSH- Clethra anifolia.
SWEET PEPPER BUSH - Clethra anifolia.

Peter Russotti caught this gorilla bluefish in Gardiner’s Bay on eight-pound test line. Capt. Ken Rafferty

Chris Miller of the West Lake Marina in Montauk has been spearfishing for years. The sport is growing in popularity.

red-tailed hawk
A young red-tailed hawk finally claimed a rabbit carcass from its parents, as if to say, “You’ve had enough, the rest is mine.” Larry Penny