Lark Sparrow Andrew Griswold

There were several woody vining species, or lianas, to observe — wild grape, poison ivy, Japanese honeysuckle, Virginia creeper, and Asiatic bittersweet among them — curling vines and twisty tree trunks in the Morton Wildlife Refuge in Noyac. Larry Penny Photo

By Larry Penny
Mosses had their origin 500 million years ago and come in a vast variety. Carissa Katz
By Larry Penny
Perhaps East Hampton’s most impressive lop tree, this giant, deformed oak on Springy Banks Road was shaped by unknown hands to serve as a property-line marker long ago. David E. Rattray
By Larry Penny
Stephen Talkhouse Park glacial erratic after a rain
All of a sudden with a twitter and a tweet a black-capped chickadee came out of nowhere and alighted on the open hand and grabbed a black sunflower seed. Just as quickly, it flew away. Larry Penny Photo
Well over 115 species of birds, including ones who should have gone south by now, among them this robin, were sighted throughout Long Island during the recent Christmas count. Durell Godfrey

Montaukers at sea let down their hair and their lines
Gil Parker hefted two fat porgies Russell Drumm Photo