Piers are a staple, a construct that everyone understands
Piers, like this one in San Clemente, have been perfected in California. Russell Drumm

Each year we see more and more summer residents winter in the north, robins, catbirds, towhees, red-winged blackbirds, grackles, and great blue herons among them
On the Galapagos, one species of finch evolved into several. Some have thick beaks for crunching, like one of our local finches, the cardinal.  Durell Godfrey

Canaries in the marine coal mine
Surfing is not just riding waves. Let’s hope the Surfing Heritage Foundation will help Montauk’s new Oceans Institute emphasize the good that can come from an intimate appreciation of the sea. Russell Drumm

I noticed a circular mass of leaves and twigs about the size of a basketball

“Killed the cartoonists?” Can the world possibly get more absurd?
What if there was a meteorological anomaly 2,015 years ago, and the water Jesus walked on had, in fact, been frozen by an arctic blast? Peter Spacek

Among the unusual birds observed were two Eurasian wigeons, eight bald eagles, a northern goshawk, a barn owl, a saw-whet owl, and two snowy owls

I’d heard by way of a friend while waiting at the checkout at the 7-Eleven on Friday that local boats were doing well on cod
Snow was blowing on an east wind as anglers aboard a Viking boat returned to port in Montauk Saturday afternoon after an excellent day of cod fishing. Russell Drumm

Montauk is the biggest jewel in the South Fork’s tiara
Throughout the fall of 2014, the interns and their Third House teachers have been working collaboratively on understanding the ecology of Big Reed Pond. This year's interns are, left to right, Makenzie Scheerer, Madison Aldrich, Hannah Vogel, and Travis Santiago.
Environmentalism and nature lovers are rampant in Montauk.Victoria Bustamante

The Duryea and Son lobster restaurant and market on Fort Pond Bay in Montauk has been sold, as has the nearby family house, which might be razed. Russell Drumm

I erected a feeding station outside my bedroom window made from a four-foot-diameter plastic tabletop mounted upside down five feet off the ground on a single iron fencepost