Lights, camera, good conversation, but no squid action in Fort Pond Bay on Monday night. Russell Drumm

Crows are capable of identifying individual humans by their faces. Durell Godfrey

The sight of draggers working close to shore tell the tale. Fluke, summer flounder, have returned once again. Russell Drumm

Osprey and Fish
By all accounts, the ospreys that winter as far south as Brazil, Costa Rica, and Trinidad have returned to their nests. Durell Godfrey

trout lilies
A carpet of trout lilies stretching almost as far as the eye could see near Big Reed Pond, east of Lake Montauk and west of Oyster Pond Vicki Bustamonte

Dennis Rodriguez, left, and Rod Augustin showed off two of a number of large cod they caught while fishing from the Blue Fin IV charter boat last week. Augustin, a marine, will begin his fifth tour in Afghanistan next week. Michael Potts

Neighbors spur state to move against Dumpster home at Montauk Downs
Elizabeth Willoughby is trying to find homes for a colony of cats before they are taken by park officials to a shelter or euthanized, depending on their health. Janis Hewitt