We understood by doing, not by understanding the theory of how things worked, a kind of osmosis approach to solving problems

For the last few nights the submarine cicadas have begun their chanting just after dark
John Harris and his sons, John and Mike Harris, and grandsons, Nick, Mike, and D.J., caught eight 25-to-35-pound striped bass and 10 bluefish on Saturday with Capts. Michael Potts and Harry Garrecht of the Bluefin IV out of Montauk. The hull of the Viking Freedom, a steel-hulled sailboat, was welded together in Montauk with the help of Stuart Vorpahl. Russell Drumm

Daily I contemplate the simple daddy longlegs that clings to the ceiling and very asymmetric thing of a web above my bathtub


Long Island has had several land bridges by which fauna and flora moved from the south to the north

A rapid quacking like pleading ducks
The view from Leilani at sunrise. Russell Drumm

One of the first women to have her name engraved on a stone here, was the late Cathy Lester

73-degree water offshore and sharks aplenty

Damn the public
A male eastern box turtle turned a wary eye on the camera. The mating season for box turtles is from late spring through as late as October. Females have yellow eyes. Dell Cullum

Okay, you’ve made it “outside.” Now what?
Danny Savage caught this 32-inch striped bass on Amagansett’s ocean side Sunday. Tackle Shop
Deer surf too? Dell Cullum