The wildlife refuge is one of the most popular in the tri-state area

A better-than-expected fluke season due to open on Wednesday
The Lazy Bones party boat splashed into Montauk Harbor this week and is ready for the start of fluke season on Wednesday. Russell Drumm

The migrant birds are returning from the south and even earlier
It takes a lot of sitting, and a lot of fish, to successfully raise osprey chicks, but an experienced pair of osprey can carry it off. Victoria Bustamante

No one thought to inform the bass
It might take a while for fishermen and striped bass to come together. Durell Godfrey

“Jurassic Park” redux
Benjamin Franklin wanted the wild turkey to be the country’s official bird. Hmm. Durell Godfrey

How the white pines fared in Sandy

Outdoor pursuits at the Amagansett Firehouse

Nymphalis antiopa
The mourning cloak butterfly is the first butterfly by a long shot to make its appearance here each year. Vicki Bustamante

Blackback season began on Monday and will run through May 30

The Walking Dunes were desert-like enough to be used in the 1920s to film parts of the silent movie “The Sheik,”
There it was, almost de novo, a new walking dune carved out of the sands of northeastern Napeague. Vicki Bustamante