In the human species, the funny season often lasts 365 days, so one always has to be on one’s guard.

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere continues to rise

The bottom-feeding world of blackfish
Gary Thompson, left, and his brother Don presented three cod and blackfish they caught on Monday aboard the charter boat Blue Fin IV. Michael Potts

There is strength in numbers
This red-bellied woodpecker was spotted in Sag Harbor. Terry Sullivan

It’s time that we start paying serious attention to nature’s way of doing things

The big storm with her fierce easterly winds looks to have speeded migrating bass away from Montauk’s casters.

New species of Canada goose in town

Bass are still around
A snarl of dune grass, seaweed, logs, and plastic lined Ditch Plain in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Russell Drumm

It goes without saying that the shoreline suffered and was changed throughout
These Lazy Point vacation houses, already exposed by erosion, were left in a far more precarious position by Hurricane Sandy.

The veteran charter captain recently turned 80