Montauk is the biggest jewel in the South Fork’s tiara
Throughout the fall of 2014, the interns and their Third House teachers have been working collaboratively on understanding the ecology of Big Reed Pond. This year's interns are, left to right, Makenzie Scheerer, Madison Aldrich, Hannah Vogel, and Travis Santiago.
Environmentalism and nature lovers are rampant in Montauk.Victoria Bustamante

The Duryea and Son lobster restaurant and market on Fort Pond Bay in Montauk has been sold, as has the nearby family house, which might be razed. Russell Drumm

I erected a feeding station outside my bedroom window made from a four-foot-diameter plastic tabletop mounted upside down five feet off the ground on a single iron fencepost

Unlike deer antlers or trophy heads, fins and tails resurrect movement, mummified memories of the fish’s spirit and power
Call them trophies, but the fins and tails preserved on dock piles or shrunken and warped by the sun are more like totems to beloved species. Russell Drumm Photos

Like the world in all its glory does not exist unless humans talk about it?
Tom Hensler of East Hampton and Dai Dayton of Bridgehampton enjoyed a productive day of blackfish and sea bass fishing aboard the Breakwater charter boat on Sunday. Michael Potts

Pitch pines probably outnumber all of the other species and in large areas of central Suffolk County they can be the only tree species for acres and acres
Southern pine beetles attack a tree by boring holes around its circumference, prohibiting the flow of nutrients, food, and water up and down the tree’s trunk. Victoria Bustamante

Trees, especially white oaks, were cut off above the lowest lateral branch so that the tree became disfigured and obvious, going by the name “lop trees” or “boundary marker trees.”

I love beaches and have experienced them in many parts of the world
Something of Ditch Plain’s spiritual core would be lost, Russell Drumm believes, if the town allows the former East Deck Motel to be redeveloped as a private club. Morgan McGivern

A unique treasure in terms of the natural world
Windblown shadbush dot the dune plain between Montauk Highway and Cranberry Hole Road on Napeague, an expanse rich in interesting flora, fauna, and topographic features. David E. Rattray

The forecast promised northerly, offshore winds from a cold front on the day of festive gluttony itself
The glassy, head-high waves of Thanksgiving Day were generated by the massive weather system that had plunged the Midwest into record-breaking cold. Dalton Portella