Many naturalists and ecologists have contributed much to the idea of supplanting lawns with habitat gardens
With an adult nearby, a piping plover chick stretched its downy wings near its sandy nesting area. Sarita Kiembock

Porgies seem to be getting larger and larger
Mason Cohen of Water Mill greeted a porgy up close and personal during an outing provided by the Flying Point Surf School’s fish camp last week. Ava Locks Photo

Earn a New York boating certificate

an exquisite collection of Indian artifacts, taxidermied animals, wampum shells, dioramic paintings, costumes, and other items
A robin seemed perplexed to find a young osprey in its neighborhood off Osborne Lane. Dell Cullum

The hunting strategy of many species involves hanging in a protected spot
On July 11, the Montauk Chamber of Commerce went offshore for its annual Take a Kid Fishing for Free program. There will be repeat trips in August. Kids fish free, parents or caregivers pay $10. Lea Braak

Throughout June I had seen several of these pretty light green vocalists

Fishing under sail is at once a peaceful (a relative term) and an exciting way to go
The Viking Fivestar, an upscale charter boat designed to take a limited number of anglers on offshore fishing ventures in comfort, will arrive at Montauk’s Viking Dock in early August. Viking Photo

This summer I have had a regal fritillary
Butterflies, like this swallowtail, are nectar eaters. Durell Godfrey

“They’re eating everything”
The 50.7-pound striper Anthony Vaccaro caught on Sunday was bigger than Anthony Jr. Rich Janis Photos

All but two of those who took the arduous two-and-a-half-hour test passed
The surf wasn’t rough, but the water was cold, and the low tide lengthened carries up the beach. Jack Graves