Dark purple circles appeared here and there on Saturday afternoon, clots of menhaden
Rusty Miller, winner of the United States surfing championship contest in 1965, stopped by Ditch Plain in Montauk Tuesday for a set. Russell Drumm
Fort Pond Bay glistened in the sunlight Saturday, but the schools of bunker did not draw the usual predator fish. Russell Drumm

Ella Miller admired the 47.8-pound striper her dad, Chris Miller, speared while free-diving on Sept. 17 off his boat, Sea Spearit. Julie Miller
Alexander Londono caught this 15.4-pound, doormat-size fluke, aboard the Lazy Bones party boat on Sept. 13. Wow! Kathy Vegessi

Good for art, good for the environment, good for nature
In the view from the Pollock-Kranser House there is much to please the eye. The glasswort, or samphire, is turning bright scarlet, little salt-marsh gerardia a half-foot tall are displaying their tiny magenta flowers tucked between grass stems. Antonia Prosciotta

A single sunflower, yellow on the outside and dark in the middle, is actually a composite of 50 to 100 flowers

Seven veterans took to the sea on Sunday as part of the Healing Waters program
Capt. Ken Rafferty helped Patrice Neil of East Hampton hoist the 12-pound bluefish she caught off Montauk last week. Capt. Ken Rafferty

There is a lot of exposure accompanying migration

The words of the children flowed effortlessly
Success! A young fisherman pulled a porgy from Fort Pond Bay in Montauk on Monday afternoon Russell Drumm
Rodrigue Tovar II fished Huck Finn-style on the town pier in Fort Pond Bay. Russell Drumm
The crew of the Defiant hoisted a white marlin prior to its release in Block Canyon on Saturday.

In the past, ethnic groups migrated as much to find food as to find freedom
The tuber of Apios americana, or groundnut, is edible and might also be mashed and used as an effective poultice after a brown recluse spider bite, our columnist suggested. Victoria Bustamante

With a strong southwest wind, Sunday seemed a perfect day for the trip
Michael Salzhauer caught this striped beauty while fishing with Capt. Ken Rafferty on the south side of Montauk Point at the spot known as Caswell’s on Saturday. Ken Rafferty