On Friday morning I heard my first Baltimore orioles
Baltimore orioles have arrived. Durell Godfrey

It looks like the species is back to stay
Bald eagles have returned to Long Island and have established nests at a number of spots on the East End. Terry Sullivan

Catch and release is a conservation practice in which after capture the fish is unhooked and released back into the water
Charles Anderle fished at the end of Gerard Drive in Springs this week. David Kuperschmid

Signs of advancing spring
Shads, like the Amelanchier Canadensis above, are in bloom now. Victoria Bustamante

The Rapala was invented in 1936 by Lauri Rapala, a Finnish fisherman
The Yozuri Hydro Popper, one of the columnist’s favorite lures. David Kuperschmid

When Long Island was first settled, there were two species of junipers present
Larry Penny

The oldest tackle shop in America is in New York City
Canyon Ross hooked his first striped bass of the season at Louse Point in Springs. Matthew Ross

It’s worth giving these apps a close look
A Palomar knot is tied before being cinched tight to a hook eye. David Kuperschmid

Looking after injured and sick mammals, birds, turtles, frogs, and even snakes for 20 years
A swan rescue. Carissa Katz