The Elizabeth Morton National Wildlife Refuge in Noyac is famous for its ospreys, wild turkeys, small birds, and chipmunks
At the Elizabeth Morton National Wildlife Refuge in Noyac Durell Godfrey

Potentially harmful enterococcus bacteria levels have been recorded at the Georgica Pond "kayak launch" on Montauk Highway in East Hampton. Concerned Citizens of Montauk/Surfrider Foundation

Scientists who have studied the Eastern coyote now call it a coywolf, as it also has some gray wolf genetic material
Is this coyote spotted a few years back in the fields north of Bridgehampton the same one seen less than a week ago in Southampton?

The hurricane season enters its prime historical level of activity over the next few weeks
James Stanis caught and released this dusky shark on 60-pound leader while fishing from the beach in East Hampton Village on Aug. 12. He lost another five, saw a thresher shark, and spotted a mako as large as 300 pounds “jump clean out of the water.” James Stanis

Protected species drawn in by baitfish aplenty
Off Wiborg’s Beach in East Hampton on Friday, beachgoers saw a whale breach the ocean waters, one of many such sightings over the past week. George Anderson
Charlie Egan, above, and Teddy Danforth went out in a two-person kayak, about a half-mile off Napeague Beach and caught a shark, which they then released back into the ocean. Michael Scharfenberger

The diverse assortment of fish caught each morning can provide some interesting surprises
Adam Christopherson of East Hampton landed this 15-pound cod on Saturday. Jon M. Diat
Bobby Yurkewitch caught a monster 24-pound bluefish on Saturday while fishing with Capt. Ken Rafferty. Capt. Ken Rafferty

There are many animal species in which the male is subordinate to the female

Fresh Pond creek in Amagansett, where water tests by a private group have indicated the presence of potentially dangerous bacteria several times this summer. East Hampton Town officials have not officially responded. David E. Rattray

To an overly curious 5-year-old boy, it was a fascinating creature to witness for the very first time
Say cheese! Bottlefish — a.k.a. blowfish, blow toads, northern puffer, sea squab, puffers, and chicken of the sea — are being caught in great numbers in local waters. Terie Diat

The earth’s longstanding ecosystems are changing
One example of our local novel ecosystem are these barn swallows nesting on an I-beam in the ceiling of Joe’s Garage in North Sea — out of place, but perfectly at home. Terry Sullivan