This year’s Shark’s Eye tournament will be held from the Montauk Marine Basin on July 18 and 19
This bluefin tuna was angled by Matt Heckman, above, with Oliver Saul at the helm approximately eight miles from Montauk while trolling the C.I.A. grounds last week. Oliver Saul
Paul Stern finessed a shark’s soft landing during last year’s no-kill shark tournament held from the Montauk Marine Basin. The Marine Basin’s 2015 no-kill tournament will take place on July 18 and 19. Russell Drumm

It was a perfect night to go out and scour the woods and fields for whippoorwills

The small screen displayed a very big white shark taking bushel basket-sized bites from a dead and floating humpback whale
In the Montauk SurfMasters Spring Shootout tournament that ends on July 4, Gary Krist remains in first place with a 42.08-pound striper. Paulie’s Tackle

I had finished doing my annual end-of-spring gypsy moth and groundcover monitoring for 2015
Milkweed flowers were in abundance in the Long Pond Greenbelt Monday along with cowwheats, wood sorrels, whorled loosestrife, Canada and bushy frostweeds, wintergreen, and dogbane. Victoria Bustamante

“Don’t worry, we’ve got you.”
Retiring after 21 years of service, Senior Chief Petty Officer Jason Walter, above, of the Montauk Coast Guard Station handed the helm to incoming Senior Chief Petty Officer Eric Best last week. Russell Drumm

Regional floras and the native insects they host evolve together
A mature tent caterpillar munched on a shad leaf in Montauk on Sunday. Victoria Bustamante

The moon that became fulsome on June 2 lighted up the night fishing big time.
Glenn Grothmann of Montauk, a k a the Sandman, caught this hefty 51.68-pound striped bass on Friday. Paulie’s Tackle

A warning to stop the killing of one’s fellow man
Fishermen plied the waters of Fort Pond in Montauk last month. Russell Drumm

Sunday is National Beach Safety Week

Menhaden, also called mossbunker, and porgy belong to the herring family, the Clupeidae, along with shads, alewives, and gizzard shads
A haul of bunker brought into the Promised Land dock aboard the steamer Amagansett in the heyday of the menhaden fishery The East Hampton Star