Floating aquaculture in Gardiner’s Bay raises concerns of a changing seascape
Potential oyster-aquaculture plots have been laid out in Gardiner’s Bay from near the Devon Yacht Club to Napeague Harbor Inlet. Some neighbors are beginning to object. The East Hampton Star

In two cases, lacerations showed that fishing nets or lines could be the culprits
Members of the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation tried to rescue a bottlenose dolphin from Three Mile Harbor on Oct. 3, but it proved too sick to help. Dell Cullum
A team from the Atlantic Marine Conservation Society, with help from East Hampton Town Marine Patrol, collected a dolphin found dead on Atlantic Avenue Beach in Amagansett on Saturday. Gabrielle L. McGee
Dell Cullum

Every year, it seems, the traffic becomes progressively worse
A never-ending push to develop and redevelop has brought a host of other issues to the South Fork, including long lines of traffic. Durell Godfrey

One of the toughest fighters pound for pound in our local waters
Stubby, stout, and not much to look at, blackfish gain their stellar flavor by feasting on a diet of green crabs and other hard-shelled species like lobster and mussels. Jon M. Diat

Bobwhites have become scarcer and scarcer with each passing year
Girl Scout Troop 1971, a.k.a. the Quail Scouts, sponsored a bobwhite quail release at Feisty Acres Farm in Jamesport on Saturday. Terry Hartmann

A virtual surfing nirvana
Hard ocean swells for the past few weeks have left surfcasters dismayed but spelled pure joy for surfers, who are seeing the best waves of the year. Durell Godfrey

The fall fishing patterns, especially for striped bass, have been significantly altered
On a recent busman’s holiday on the Captain Ron, Capt. Michael Albronda of the charter boat Montauk landed a nice mahimahi on an offshore trip. Capt. Ron Onorato

The bandwagon is out to eliminate once and for all Cygnus olor from New York State waters
Dell Cullum

Almost anyone who been in close contact with an albino has experienced a Zen-like sense of wonderment
Alexandra Carr, a 13-year-old birdwatcher, was delighted to find an albino hummingbird at one of her family’s feeders in Amagansett earlier this month. Lisa Ann Carr

In Sag Harbor and points westward deep into Great Peconic Bay, the waters are teaming with small fish in the 5-to-10-inch range
Abigail Salzhauer landed this false albacore on Saturday on a fly. Capt. Ken Rafferty