Craig Ortner, above, is handling the people’s case against Thomas Gilbert Jr., who is charged with patricide. T.E. McMorrow

Two brothers, Kristian Valle-Ortiz and, left, and Jeffrey Valle-Ortiz, were led into East Hampton Town Justice Court last week to be arraigned on misdemeanor charges of assault. Kristian is also charged with possession of more than an eighth of an ounce of cocaine, a felony. T.E. McMorrow

Michael Heller photos

Alvarado Mechanical towed the car that rolled over on Three Mile Harbor Tuesday morning, leaving one injured. Morgan McGivern
East Hampton firefighters were called to the scene to cut the windshield on a car that rolled over.Morgan McGivern

Brad Bender, who served as a Southampton Town councilman for two years, admitted to selling his oxycodone prescription over a three-year period, while he was running for office and after he was elected.

John Scott Prudenti spoke to the Hansen family for about 20 minutes after Sean Ludwick's court appearance on Thursday. T.E. McMorrow