Courtney Sale Ross, right, with Julie Andrews in March of 2016 Morgan McGivern

The pool house at 3 Georgica Road was destroyed Tuesday morning. Michael Heller photos
Kenny Collum and Kent Howie, fire marshals, investigated the fire's cause soon after it was extinguished.

East Hampton firefighters tested hydrants during a drill in front of the East Hampton movie theater on Sunday morning. Michael Heller photos

Devon Trent was led into East Hampton Town Justice Court on Thursday morning to be arraigned on a felony robbery charge. T.E. McMorrow

Smoke poured out of a bedroom on the second floor of a house in Hansom Hills on Thursday afternoon. Michael Heller
Firefighters made haste with a hose line.Michael Heller
Firefighters packed up after the fire was extinguished. Durell Godfrey

Kimberly Oliveir was led into East Hampton Town Justice Court Friday. She faces two felony drug possession charges, a felony charge of drunken driving, and 11 misdemeanor drug possession charges. T.E. McMorrow