Three local men charged

Police say Sean Ludwick was drunk when he fled the scene of a fatal crash
Sean P. Ludwick, a major real estate developer in Manhattan, was led out of the Southampton Town Police Department for his arraignment on Monday. He is accused of driving drunk in a crash that left his passenger, Paul Hansen, dead. Taylor K. Vecsey

His Passenger Died in a One-Car Southampton Accident

A 35-foot center console boat with tri-outboards was a total loss after it was overcome by fire at the Montauk Marine Basin dock on Saturday afternoon.
Christopher Walsh
Smoke billowed from Montauk Harbor from a boat that was ablaze.Jane Bimson
Jane Bimson
The Coast Guard helped fight the fire from the water, while the Montauk Fire Department attacked it from land. Christopher Walsh

Aesthetics versus usefulness is the question
Tower looms over homes to the North East of Springs Firehouse. Morgan McGivern

A Sea Crystal Pools Inc. pickup truck was involved in an accident with a Range Rover on the Napeague stretch Wednesday morning.
Chemicals from the pool truck spilled out all over Montauk Highway in front of the Clam Bar after an accident Wednesday morning.

Suffolk County police
Suffolk County police