Firefighters stood by with a charged hose line as a precaution while other firefighters and E.M.T.s moved a patient to the Suffolk County medevac helicopter on Saturday. Michael Heller photos

After the storm, many roads on the South Fork were flooded, some even impassable. Durell Godfrey photos
Bicyclists could not escape the spray of water as vehicles traversed flooded roads after the storm.
The railroad tracks in East Hampton were flooded, too.

Christopher King and his girlfriend, Crystal Hayes, were injured when a car plowed into them as they stood on the side of Sunrise Highway watching a brush fire on Saturday morning. Ms. Hayes remained in the hospital yesterday.

Jane Bimson, Durell Godfrey photos

Three people were taken away in handcuffs following the raid, in which some police officers carried semi-automatic rifles and wore body armor. T.E. McMorrow photos
One of the people taken away after the raid.