The driver of a Mercedes lost control and the car rolled over, landing near the eighth hole at the Maidstone Club Saturday night. Hampton Pix photos

'Taking a helicopter is so much faster'

A small deck fire at Carter Burwell's house on Marine Boulevard in Amagansett in the early morning hours on Friday led to an arson investigation. Christine Sampson

Chief hopeful about clampdown on weekend scene
East Hampton Town Police Chief Michael Sarlo Dell Collum

Sgt. John Whitehead and Sgt. Owen O’Neill of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department oversaw a labor crew from the county’s Riverhead correctional facility at the American Legion Hall in Amagansett. Sergeant Whitehead retired yesterday, and Sergeant O’Neill has assumed his role. Christopher Walsh

Craig Ortner, above, is handling the people’s case against Thomas Gilbert Jr., who is charged with patricide. T.E. McMorrow

Two brothers, Kristian Valle-Ortiz and, left, and Jeffrey Valle-Ortiz, were led into East Hampton Town Justice Court last week to be arraigned on misdemeanor charges of assault. Kristian is also charged with possession of more than an eighth of an ounce of cocaine, a felony. T.E. McMorrow