East Hampton Town Police selected Officer Luke McNamara as the officer of the year for 2015. Morgan McGivern
East Hampton Village Police Officer Steven Niggles was congratulated on his award by Chief Gerard Larsen.

Firefighters surveyed the damage after a fire broke out at Lazy Point Thursday morning.
Firefighters finished up after extinguishing a fire in a small greenhouse and shed on Lazy Point Thursday.

Firefighters took to the roof to cut a hole to vent a fire that broke out on Egypt Lane on Monday afternoon. Morgan McGivern
Morgan McGivern
Morgan McGivern

East Hampton Town Police Department

New era, with unique spin, in Springs Fire District
The Springs Fire District hired David Baumrind as its first paid emergency medical services provider. Mr. Baumrind will also supervise the program. He started work on Monday. Taylor K. Vecsey

Headstones in East Hampton Village's historic North End Cemetery, some of them hundreds of years old, were damaged by in a hit-and-run over the weekend. East Hampton Village Police Department photos
A fence was also damaged. East Hampton Village Police Department photos
Tire marks could be seen going across the green at the Hook Mill.