A team put together by Brian Midgett of East Hampton, the Midgetts, boasted some impressive power hitters
Gabby Green was a Travis Field scholarship winner, but not in this race down the third-base line with A.J. Bennett during a game between the Legends of the Hidden Temple and the Diamond Divas.
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Gorbachev toasted her at I.N.F. Treaty signing
Lori King, at right, said it was “incredible being in the presence” of Lynne Cox. Jack Graves

Standard recreational boards are light, easy to carry, and manageable
All of the East End waterways are now accessible. Durell Godfrey

“The teams came from up and down the Eastern Seaboard,”
Lucy Kohlhoff, at right, outraced a competitor on her way to winning the beach flags event.
East Hampton’s all-female team, above from left, Paloma Tavera, Melanie Mackin, Morgan German, Nora Rosati, Shannon Ryan, Katrina Garry, Kira Garry, Paige Duca, Lucy Kohlhoff, and Amanda Calabrese.Lynne Calabrese Photos
There were no laggards in the junior lifeguards’ buoy rescue race.
Sophie Swanson, at right, reportedly won six of the seven events she entered in the junior lifeguard tournament at the Indian Wells Beach over the past weekend.
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The lack of a sweep improved the times
Rod McClave won the 2-miler in 40 minutes and 20 seconds. Jack Graves

The Kazickases are to play host at 5 Hamlin Drive, Amagansett, to Hoops 4 Hope’s summer benefit
Peter Kazickas of Amagansett helping repair basketball courts in Harare, Zimbabwe

Dahlia Aman swept through her opponents in the quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals