The lopsided victory was sweet indeed inasmuch as the young Bonackers had lost 2-1 at Westhampton a couple of days before
It was off to the bases following Monday’s 10-0 “mercying” of Westhampton Beach. Jack Graves

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A prelude to a six-week league to begin July 11.
Tahlia Miller, left, is among a number of former East Hampton High School stars who will play in Gurney’s coed beach volleyball league this summer. The State University of New York Athletic Conference’s men’s basketball player of the year, Hayden Ward, right,set the ball for a teammate at Gurney’s last Thursday evening. Jack Graves Photos

Steve Minskoff’s Reds finished the regular season with an 11-1 mark
For the second year in a row, the Reds on Friday celebrated a “world series” championship. Jack Graves

In their buildup phase
Three of the four middle-distance runners who are, under the Gubbins Running Ahead banner, expected to dominate the road races here this summer and fall are, from left, Will McFall, Owen Dawson, and Ryan Hagen. The other member of the quartet is Shawn Roberts.

Peter Barron has been picked to represent the United States in the Optimist class
Peter Barron is to race in an international regatta in Belgium next month. Jack Graves

In the past nine years, South Korean golfers have won the U.S. Open six times

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Local sports schedule