Stepping stone: Brierley
Zach Brenneman’s 30-yard breakaway led to a second-half try by Jay Short that trimmed Brooklyn’s lead to 21-19. Craig Macnaughton

Alan Iscoe, the champions’ manager, said the undefeated season was “unprecedented . . . unbelievable.”

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The fact that Zafira was a long strider proved to be advantageous
Georgina Bloomberg and Juvina registered highest on the applause meter after going clean in the first round on Sunday’s Grand Prix course. They finished third over all. Durell Godfrey
Left, there were smiles all around when the Grand Prix’s top three were interviewed afterward in the Longines chalet. Right, It wasn’t a gift, but anyway. Jack Graves and Durell Godfrey Photos
Daniel Ammann, pinning ribbons on Yes, No Maybe So on Aug. 28 while his 8-year-old daughter, Katrina, looked on, was to become even prouder of her when it was announced later that the Stony Hill rider was the short stirrup division’s grand champion at the Hampton Classic. Jack Graves Photo

East Hampton runners chomping at the bit
All but four or so of East Hampton High School’s boys cross-country team turned out for Labor Day’s Great Bonac 5K. Jack Graves

"We’re trying to bring back the old spirit, the Bonac mentality"
Judging from Friday morning’s weight room workout, the football team’s attitude is impressive. Jack Graves

For the second year in a row, MacNiven, a personal trainer and youth swim coach here, placed second in her 55-to-59-year-old age group
Maidstone Park’s terrain is not a whole lot different from that at The Hague in the Netherlands. Jack Graves

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Hunters were featured in Sunday’s main event, the $50,000 Hampton Classic Hunter Derby
There were 42 entries in the opening day’s main event, the $50,000 Hampton Classic Hunter Derby, a class in which the horses’ style of going was the main criterion. Durell Godfrey