Local sports schedule

Vinicius Carmo expects the Cosmos to make the playoffs.
Mikey Petersen is one of two seventh graders on the Ross School’s boys tennis team. The other is Jonas Linnman-Feurring, who defeated Petersen 6-4, 6-2 to win the boys 12-and-under bracket in a United States Tennis Association tournament held at Ross over the weekend. Jack Graves

The team won its opener Monday
The umpire ruled that East Hampton’s Riley McMahon was out at the plate following a long fly ball hit to Colman Vila, Pierson’s left fielder, by Deilyn Guzman during a recent scrimmage at Sag Harbor’s Mashashimuet Park. The Whalers’ catcher, Paul Dorego, made the diving tag. Jack Graves

School of Hard Knocks: Lia Makrianes, a freshman, who was taken onto the varsity this spring, found herself frequently confronted at the plate by Kathryn Hess, the senior catcher, during Saturday morning’s practice. Jack Graves

Amanda Seekamp scored the game-winner at Westhampton Beach with 20 seconds to go. Jack Graves

A pizza party was held for the Hurricanes at the Y.M.C.A. East Hampton RECenter before they shuffled off to Buffalo. Jack Graves

Girls ‘should be sharp’ for tomorrow’s opener
East Hampton’s attack put a lot of pressure on William Floyd’s highly rated goalie. Jack Graves

Lou Reale showed clinic-takers how it’s done, using one of his inventions, a batting T set up for pitches over the middle and over the outside and inside corners of the plate. Jack Graves