Groundworks had a chance to win it all Tuesday
Theresa Schirrippa, P.B.A.’s third baseman, vaulted over the team’s usually flawless shortstop, Mylan Le, to keep a Groundworks bouncer in the infield during Aug. 7’s game. Jack Graves

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Manager wants to ‘keep this league going’
They didn’t give Schenck’s a chance to get pumped up. Jack Graves

The Market finished the regular and post seasons with a 9-1-2 record
Their passion unabated, the Market’s players celebrated their eighth or ninth straight championship afterward. Jack Graves

The Artists-Writers Game has been a dead heat record-wise in the post-modern era
Bert Sugar, left, who announced the Artists-Writers Game in recent years, and two former players, Roy Scheider and Barney Rosset, are to be remembered on gameday. Jack Graves

“I would love it if these combined sports can continue, but the community will have to come up with the money”

It was the fifth year for the tourney, which was begun in 2008
Geoff Miller, though he’s added some pounds since he played the hot corner for Fred’s Big Guns, four-time men’s slow-pitch champions in the 1990s, pitched and fielded well for the Springs Fire Department’s entry. Jack Graves

Local sports schedule

"The sport is the fastest growing water sport in the world"
The paddles were mainly on the right on the way out to the first mark. Jack Graves