The Giants, shown with three of their coaches — Seamus Gleeson, Brian Nedley Sr., and Gene Bonnabeau — numbered Patrick English, Eric Schoenster, Auggie Schultz, James Stanis, Quinn Gleeson, Ben Schoenster, and, in the second row, Brendan Baez, Robert Weiss, Chris Stoecker, Brendan DiSunno, Brian Nedley Jr., and Gavin Moucha. Patricia Bonnabeau

Race boasted four Olympians and 22 elite runners
Kumsa Adugna, left, was the eventual winner, at right, Harbert Okuti was the runner-up, and behind Okuti was Keteme Nigusse, who finished third. Jack Graves

Superdynasts all — Jeannie Bunce, Sue Warner, Barbara Schultz, Jeanie Berkoski, and Lori Schultz. Jack Graves

The Independents lineup banged out 29 hits, including home runs by Zach and Tim Brenneman. Jack Graves Photos

Amy Joudeh
Laurel Wassner was pretty sure at this point that she’d won, and her guess was soon confirmed when her name appeared atop the list of the first 50 finishers. Jack Graves

Steven Bahns, who spent some time rehabbing injuries during his years in high school, reportedly will study in college to become an athletic trainer. Kelsi Thorsen won almost too many athletic awards to handle. Jack Graves Photos