Morgan German, competing in the 100-yard butterfly above, was East Hampton’s “most outstanding swimmer” in the meet here with Huntington on Oct. 9. Jack Graves

Connor Miller, Montauk’s inside center
Connor Miller, Montauk’s inside center, had two of the Sharks’ eight tries. Craig Macnaughton

Johnny Pizzo
Johnny Pizzo and his fellow wingbacks ate up yardage in Saturday’s 28-6 rout of Port Jefferson here. Dell Cullum

Jack Graves

While fishing for false albacore in Fort Pond Bay in Montauk on Oct. 7, Edward L. Shugrue “heard a large blowing sound,” turned around, and snapped this photo of a whale he estimated to be about 60 feet long. Edward L. Shugrue

“It was a great game — I’m proud of them”
Andre Cherrington, taking a handoff from Cort Heneveld, was among the Bonackers who played hard in Saturday’s loss. Jack Graves Photo

The Bonackers, who often have been late starters this fall, lost no time on Friday, scoring two goals within the first several minutes
Donte Donegal’s header, above, was one of three chances East Hampton had in the first half of the Bayport game that hit the posts. Jack Graves

In paddle, finesse and strategy trump power
Marie Minnick, a platform tennis pro at four clubs here, and her husband, Peter, showed some of E.H.I.T.’s clinic-takers how the game was played Sunday morning. Jack Graves

“It’s been a really gratifying year coaching-wise"
The golf team, while not the juggernaut it’s been in the past, has been “a pleasure to coach,” Claude Beudert said. Jack Graves