Two times around the field behind the John M. Marshall Elementary School was more or less a mile. Jack Graves
Nick West broke Matt Rubenstein’s one-mile record by running a 5:12 in gym class Jack Graves

The proceeds went to Ross’s scholarship fund
Patrick McEnroe
Patrick McEnroe believes in Quick Start’s ability to spark a love for the game in young children. Jack Graves

Tom Dieckhoff, Sayville’s leadoff hitter, was cut down as he tried to move up on a wild pitch in third inning. Frank Grande applied the tag as Andrew Rodriguez looked on. Ryan Joudeh, East Hampton’s catcher, and Grande teamed up in like fashion in the fifth. Jack Graves Photos

Laura Brown, who was just behind Caroline Cashin at the midway point, came on to beat her by a little more than a minute. Right, Chris Reich reportedly said that while the course was longer this year his time was faster than last year’s. Jack Graves Photos

Durell Godfrey