He’s looking forward to the Golden Gloves
Richie Daunt will be pulling for Luis Mancilla at the Pure Breed tournament in the Bronx Saturday. Jack Graves

There are 21 on the squad, one less than in 2012 — some tough sophomores and juniors among them
The team’s practice mats will be used for freshmen exhibition matches at Saturday’s Sprig Gardner tournament. Jack Graves

Furman suffered a meniscus tear this past summer that requires arthroscopic surgery

Local sports schedule

Luis Correa, heading goalward above, scored three of the East Hampton Football Club’s four goals in Sunday’s State Cup game. Jack Graves

Winter track teams have had good turnouts
Unleashed, he might have won. Jack Graves

The Whalers’ coach, Kevin Barron, is presumably hoping that Kasey Gilbride, left, will come up big for the Pierson girls basketball team. James Hewitt was one of several Bonackers to put up shots from beyond the arc in Monday’s scrimmage here with Bridgehampton. Jack Graves

The distinct bite marks on a half-eaten seal found near Ditch Plain last Thursday and a common dolphin found bitten in half there Saturday are indicative of a white shark, probably feeding relatively close to shore. Mike Martinson