1,000 “burpees,” also known as squat thrusts, in an hour, 56 minutes, and 7 seconds
Nick West saw someone do 1,000 burpees on YouTube and said he thought he could do that too. Kristen Tulp

Scrimmages went well
Sadie Ward will not only do the hurdles, but various other events as well, said her coach, Shani Cuesta. Jack Graves Photos

Local sports notes

Local sports schedule

Brittni Svanberg, 18, and Claire Belhumeur, 14, are ascending figure skating’s competitive ladder
Brittni Svanberg will skate on Boston University’s team come the fall. Craig Macnaughton
Joanne Doran, the Buckskill Winter Club’s manager and figure skating director, for the most part keyed Saturday’s ice show choreography to rock ’n’ roll songs, some of which were “Chantilly Lace,” “Rockin’ Robin,” and (see above) “Jail House Rock.”
Claire Belhumeur, 14, recently won the Empire State Games’ pre-preliminary ladies competition at Lake Placid. Craig Macnaughton Photos

Looking for Maykell Guzman to set the tone
The weather here is a bit different than in Miami, as the ski mask Kevin Brophy was wearing at Sunday’s practice session attests. R.J. Etzel, who has taken over the varsity baseball coaching reins from Ed Bahns, is in the foreground. Jack Graves

There are only four seniors
Lou Reale is hoping that his senior pitcher, Casey Waleko, will dominate East Hampton’s opponents. Jack Graves

The results did not dim their singular seasons
Despite the glum faces, Pierson ended the Long Island regional game with a crowd-pleasing flourish.

Quincy Davis won the top prize of $5,000 in the women’s division

A skate-a-thon raised more than $13,000