It doesn’t feel as if it’s been a 2-5 season
Ian Lynch, this fall’s number-one, assured his coach on Saturday that things would be okay. Jack Graves

From Rod’s Valley the field set out Sunday morning on an off-road race that its women’s winner, Sinead FitzGibbon, called “the toughest and prettiest.” Jack Graves

Sporting news has been generally good
East Hampton’s golfers
East Hampton’s golfers, shown above with their coach, Claude Beudert, in front of the East Hampton Golf Club’s clubhouse, are, from left, Matt Griffiths, Cameron Yusko, Ian Lynch, John Pizzo, Riley McMahon, Jim McMullan, Andrew Winthrop, and Andrew Davis. Jack Graves

The academy’s first class
The academy’s first class, James Ignatowich, Fernando Fernandez, Lucas Larese, Jiahui Guo, and Trippie Tuff (Carl Grant was absent), with two of their coaches, Vinicius Carmo and Alejandro Tejerina Jack Graves

East Hampton’s 10-year-olds were encouraged by their coach, Ron White
East Hampton’s 10-year-olds were encouraged by their coach, Ron White, before taking the field in a P.A.L. game here Sunday. Durell Godfrey

 Matt Newman and Michael Clarjen
Breakwater Yacht Club members, including Matt Newman and Michael Clarjen, above, made up about half of the fleet. Daria Deshuk

Rich King ‘excited’ about boys soccer program
This foul of Esteban Valverde (17) resulted in a penalty kick, which Mario Olaya made near the end of the first half. Jack Graves

Sharks’ fullback
Erik Brierley, the Sharks’ fullback, scored twice on Saturday, in the first and second halves. Jack Graves