New Year's Day ocean dips to again raise thousands for charity.

As a motivator, she would tell herself along the way that someday she’d tell her children, or grandchildren, that she had biked across America when she was 34.
‘We’ve swum 853 football fields so far’
All three relay teams qualified for the sectionals Friday. Durell Godfrey

Coach Ed Petrie, the state’s winningest public high school boys basketball coach, his wife, Nancy, and Joe Vas, left, the East Hampton School District’s athletic director, admired the new “Coach Petrie Court” logo at the high school. Jack Graves

Jacob Hands, flattening his Mattituck opponent
Jacob Hands, flattening his Mattituck opponent above, has come into his own after understudying Cory Pawlukojc and Peter Johann last year. Jack Graves

Early Montauk Rugby Team circa 1970
In Montauk’s early days, in the 1970s — the above photo is thought to be of late-’70s vintage — wins were few and far between, although, Charlie Whitmore said this week, “just to be able to play was great.”