‘There are walls you have to break through’
London Rosiere equated climbing Kilimanjaro with running a marathon — something she has done 16 times. London Rosiere
“I went through periods while ascending Mount Kilimanjaro when I’d look out of my tent in the morning and wonder why I was doing this.” London Rosiere

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There was no letup to the mighty noise in the stands
Pierson’s bleacher creatures hoped Southold’s Grace Syron would miss both shots, but she made the second, driving the proverbial dagger into the Whalers’ hearts. Jack Graves
Nia Dawson, a senior from Bridgehampton, is Pierson-Bridgehampton’s star. She finished with 24 points in Friday’s 69-65 loss. Jack Graves

High-school-age team to debut Sunday morning
Everybody, including the five MacIsaac brothers, played hockey in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Jack Graves
Bruce MacIsaac says he gets a kick out of watching kids learn. Jack Graves

“Football is not dying here,”
East Hampton went 1-7 last fall, but was in every game. Jack Graves

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A 93-69 win here over Stony Brook
Joey Badilla, an eighth grader from Pierson, was among East Hampton’s winners in the meet with Stony Brook on Jan. 24. Craig Macnaughton

A documentary on Bridgehampton High School’s storied Killer Bees
Dr. Bob North of New York City and Sag Harbor, who oversaw the Bridgehampton Child Care Center in the 1970s, helped the Cummings brothers trace the center’s history for their documentary film on the Killer Bees. Hilary McHone