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The Artists have been flexing their muscle in recent years

A two-game sweep of Schenck Fuels by a score of 11-6
It was the first women’s slow-pitch softball league championship for Bono’s coach, Ryan Troudt, and its veteran pitcher, Dawn Green. Jack Graves

Down syndrome research was the beneficiary
Vic Quirolo played steadily for When We Were Young, the eventual champions. Craig Macnaughton

“We finished third among the A teams."
Chasen Dubs, center, who, while he lives in Sarasota, Fla., now, continues to compete under the Hampton Lifeguard Association banner, became the top 14-to-15-year-old junior lifeguard in the nation at Hermosa Beach, Calif., last week. Christopher Dubs
Sophia Swanson, Caroline Brown, Darcy McFarland, Catalina Badilla, and Joseph Badilla placed fourth in the 12-to-13-year-old swim relay at the national junior lifeguard tournament at Hermosa Beach, Calif., this past week.Lisa Brown
Chasen Dubs, Olivia Brabant, Aidan Forst, Julia Brierley, and Maggie Purcell placed fifth in the 14-to-15-year-old swim relay at the national junior lifeguard tourney at Hermosa Beach, Calif., last week.Amy Forst

Shaquille O'Neal TNT

And win the A bracket Travis Field Tourney championship
Brenden Mott hit seven home runs for the A bracket winners, golfing some and tomahawking others. Jack Graves
And he’s . . . safe! But Colin Davis, the Raptors’ pitcher, was thrown out on the next play at third base. Applying the tag was Nicole Fierro of the eventual-champion Pink Panthers, who won the first of three Raptor-Panther Sunday matchups 15-5. Jack Graves

Ryan Fowkes outkicked Nicholas Berglin, a State University at Oneonta runner, as they neared the finish line
The Rotary 10 and 5Ks in Amagansett Saturday drew 80-some competitors, a sign that interest in the race is growing. Jack Graves