The spirit was there
Brandon Johnson racked up 100 yards rushing for the Bonackers in their first game in almost two years. Linebackers Axel Alanis and Mikey Perez had the most tackles. Craig Macnaughton

“one of the toughest Hampton Classic Grand Prix courses”
Karen Polle and With Wings went “medium-fast” in the jump-off after their three opponents had rails down. Durell Godfrey

Horses are chiefly heir to orthopedic, gastrointestinal, and respiratory problems, all of which can be serious
Dr. Kyla Ortved, one of the Cornell Ruffian Equine Specialists’ three full-time surgeons, and the clinic’s practice manager, Jill Nordberg, were at the Hampton Classic Friday. Jack Graves

The Ruggers finished the regular season as the runner-up in the B division
The Montauk Rugby Club, whose slow-pitch softball team recently won the Montauk wood bat league’s playoff trophy, has begun practicing in earnest at East Hampton’s Herrick Park on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Jack Graves

“Way Cool is, I think, one of the best horses I’ve ever ridden,”
Victoria Colvin has now won the Kathy Scholl memorial trophy, given to the best rider in the Hampton Classic’s junior hunter divisions, five times. Jack Graves

By Sharon G. Jonas
Chris (Wonder) Schoeck straightened and twisted horseshoes, and bent steel bars, railing posts, and industrial spikes in half at the Classic last Thursday. Jon Kassel
Local sports schedule

“We wanted to make as big a splash as we could this year, no pun intended. It was great,”
Fifty-two paddlers raised at least $1,500 each in Paddlers for Humanity’s 10th paddle to Block Island on Saturday. David Vaughan Studio

"Our varsity is young, but the players are filled with great spirit and determination."

On Heritage Farm’s Vaillero, Victoria Colvin took the lead in the first of the two rounds over the Grand Prix ring’s large grass course
Nay, nay: Laura Bowery and Unique did not get very far in the iHeartMedia hunter derby on opening day. Durell Godfrey
On Sunday, the Hampton Classic’s opening day, the big event, the $50,000 iHeartMedia hunter derby, was won by Vaillero and Victoria Colvin, above. The class’s second to go, Grayson and Jennifer Griffiths, came to grief early on, below.
Two children from local barns, Layla Weinstein, 4, of East End Stables, above, with her parents, Gregg and Stacy, and Gemma Essex, 7, below, led by her Stony Hill trainer, Marisa Bush, won leadline sections. Craig Macnaughton, Durell Godfrey, and Jack Graves Photos