‘We’ll have to take advantage of every chance’
Maykell Guzman, who spent last year in the Dominican Republic, can hit as well as pitch. Jack Graves

This season will be a challenge
Lou Reale, East Hampton’s softball coach, showed how it’s done when you’re told to “take two and hit to right.” Jack Graves

By Matt Lownes
The league has been in existence since the late 1960s

Local sports schedule

Local sports history

The Landmark Conference’s winter track athlete of the year
Ashley West was number-one in the mile and in the 800 at the recent Landmark Conference championships in Pennsylvania. She was also rookie of the year in cross-country.

The Bees were last at Glens Falls in 1998
Josh Lamison was a force in the paint for the Killer Bees this season despite the fact that he’s only a freshman. He’s shown in action above at the Ross School. Jack Graves

“Sunny days from here on in”
Ali Harden may be on the mound at times this season. Jessie Stavola offered assistance during Saturday’s practice in the high school gym. Jack Graves

East Hampton’s school board convened to consider various fees attending the use of the district’s fields and gyms