"She really loves the sport; she wants to perfect her skills.”
Five years into her gymnastics career, Brooke Wittmer, who’s 11 now, has scaled most of the rungs on Gym Nation’s ladder.

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Local basketball fans will get a chance to see Bridgehampton in action tomorrow
Josh Lamison, who’s a senior this year, is expected to have a big year for the Killer Bees. Craig Macnaughton

The races were co-sponsored by the East Hampton Town Parks and Recreation Department and John Keeshan Realty
That’s Bella Tarbet, a promising sixth grader who was to be the female winner of the 3-miler, at right. Jack Graves
The first dog was Geronimo, a Portuguese water dog belonging to Geary Gubbins’s sister, Megan. Starting at the back of the pack, Geronimo placed 42nd in 21:39.6. Jack Graves

Irineo Amador’s shot clinched championship
The Hampton F.C.-Bill Miller team has won the championship trophy in four of the past five 7-on-7 seasons. Jack Graves

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Oct. 23, 1931 - Nov. 21, 2015
John Niles Sr. : Oct. 23, 1931 - Nov. 21, 2015

Erik Engstrom will compete in the Footlocker invitational at the Bronx’s Van Cortlandt Park this weekend
Brandon Kennedy-Gay, with the ball, and Kyle McKee, looking on, promise to provide the Bonackers with plenty of firepower. Jack Graves

Plans for a $6 million project
The cleared land to the lower right of the photo, including the present “bubble,” which is to be moved to seasonally cover the four courts to the left of the outdoor clubhouse, is the area under discussion with the East Hampton Town Planning Board. Irl Flanagan