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Ron White, who is not only an alumnus but is also the school board president, went for a rebound against the current Killer Bees varsity team in one of two charity games. Christine Sampson
Ainsley Wyche was flanked by two opponents during the first alumni game Friday. He scored a total of 41 points in two games.Christine Sampson
Willie Jenkins, a Bridgehampton graduate, was a spirited play-by-play commentator for the alumni games.Christine Sampson
Members of the current Killer Bees varsity team, who wore black, faced off against alumni who were members of previous championship-winning teams.Christine Sampson
Ainsley Wyche, at right, fired off a midrange jump shot during the first alumni game Friday. He scored a total of 41 points in two games.Christine Sampson
A team of 15 alumni cheerleaders performed for the crowd during the alumni basketball game at the Bridgehampton School.Christine Sampson
About 30 former Bridgehampton basketball players and 15 alumni cheerleaders joined the current varsity basketball team and cheerleading squad for a pair of games on Friday that packed the gym. The event was a fund-raiser for the class of 2016.Christine Sampson

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The Reds’ bench was bare
Dodge, the Red team’s goalkeeper, above, recorded a presumed-record 70 saves in the final, 34 of them in the final period. Jack Graves

“We’re all fighting the aging process,” says Mike Delalio, a founder of the new MUVStrong gym.
Gordon Trotter enjoyed a moment with two of his major fans, Peter Gidion and Dr. Ralph Gibson, at MuvStrong’s open house on May 22. Jack Graves

Brett Mauser, the league’s president, has said the wood bat league, founded eight years ago by Rusty Leaver, “has grown by leaps and bounds."
Jamie Loeb, the Mustangs’ assistant coach, threw B.P. Saturday morning after having stanched with overturned buckets Montauk School’s automated sprinkler system. Jack Graves
Dylan Mouzakes, a Pace University junior and one of the Mustangs’ two returnees, allowed no earned runs in the collegiate wood bat team’s season opener at the Montauk School Sunday. Jack Graves

Nina Piacentine’s finish earned 8 points for the team, which wound up 9th among the 16 entries.
Nina Piacentine, who set a school record in the 1,500-meter racewalk at this past week’s division meet, is ranked ninth in the county going into this weekend’s state qualifier. Jack Graves

In a 52-year career, he taught not just basketball skills but character
Ed Petrie on the court and on the job in 2008 Doug Kuntz

Sports Briefs 05.28.15
Richie Daunt is going to fight at the Suffolk Theater in Riverhead on June 5. Jack Graves

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