Two teams that had been sailing along stumbled Monday.
Esteban Valverde and his teammates have been coming on in the second halves of games, but got started too late at Amityville. Jack Graves

A featured match at the Scottsdale, Ariz., polo championships on Oct. 20.

"We knew what they’d do, and we were in position, but their front line dominated our front line.”
How ‘bout them special teams? Johnny Pizzo’s long kickoff runback set up East Hampton’s first score. Jack Graves

“Dana ran a good race”

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The Bonackers cut through the Mariners like warm butter
The Cup, after 25 years, has returned to East Hampton. John Musnicki

‘One of the great days in Bonac (sports) history’
The Wall of Fame constructed by Richard Shilowich and Sheamus Gleeson has plenty of room for the inductees to come. Jim Stewart

Bonac teams are winners
Donte Donegal, facing the camera, scored Saturday’s winning goal for the Bonackers. Jack Graves

“The Car Doctor”
Ryan Pilla, besides winning two national S.C.C.A. races at Watkins Glen recently, also set a course record for Mazdas.

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